Monday, May 10, 2010

Tiger! Miss you much!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The window of day and night

Have you been visiting here lately? I mean... does anyone still come to this page? other than spams spreading adds? Because this blog is kinda abandon... by the owner.. well, thats me.

Its after midnight, and I remembered that someone says it is the window of the day and night... the best time of one to do self thinking.

Just to fast forward you the time from now and my last posting. To lazy to write and will bore you... trust me, you didnt miss a thing.

2010... its hit me... I am over 30, I switched my career and still single. That keeps me thinking, Can I turn back? back to the career I had before.. the miserable me? how long should I wait?... only more question come to mind... Chasing the past, and you fall back right to the future (forgot who said that). Am not good remembering a person, but good at remember what they said that really makes me thinking.

Going back home last Christmas was a super fun for me. I had the chance to meet 2 of my best school mate. They both are married and they both have each 2 sons!! and here I am... in my 30 and not ready to get married. Honestly, it doesn't bug me of being single... just cant stop thinking, what kind of person that I should merry? That I can live with... these sort of thinking would very appropriate for someone who are looking to get married. not Me! but yet, I cant help myself thinking about it. Would I be able to be faithful to this one person for the rest of my life? Man... this is too deep and serious stuff for me.

Do you want to know what I thinking now?... ok, here goes... How to meet them? simple? you think????
I am used to befriend with girls and imprint on them as my sisters. That have been working for me. Look at me, I have 6 sisters... its aint that hard to look at my female friend as just being not more than friend... if you know what I mean. Its soo simple to just turn it off and be soo casual about my female friend were changing dress infront of me, or talking about how nice they booby looks on that shirt... I am thinking, if I have an interior motive to get to know a girl, I sure going to be nervous as hell... How would I meet anyone, simply thinking of it makes me nervous! What happen if its come to this in reality? sure faint...or better yet,dash out the the nearest exit!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Its Official!

The clock shows 45 minutes past midnight, which only mean one thing.

I am officially 30 years old today.

I've been telling whoever asked about my age and myself that I was 30 years old since last year. And now its official, and there seem to be no fun in telling how old I am now. 30 years old! what does that mean?... no no, I know I have lived 30 years old on this planet earth. Or it just another ordinary day.

My brother asked me this evening, what I want to do... I simply said "I'm too OLD to Celebrate birthday". Like every year, I tend to NOT Celebrate my own birthday. Seem silly excuse to spend more and eat and/or drink more to me. Besides, there's my Dad's Birthday on the 7th and my older sister Susan on the 9th.. why should mine be different?

Decision and Planing. That's all I am doing right now. Weighting my option in spending the October month either in Bintulu or Selangor. I'll be taking class at this selected location.. and decision yet to come up with an answer. In the mean time, planning is drafted to answer some of the how and when questions. One thing for sure... I'll be leaving my Miri Town soon.

Its time..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Independence month

Happy Independence month! be a good citizenship and patriotic! How Independence month going for you? Mine is OKAY EXCEPT FOR THE FACT that we have not put up the Jalur Gemilang flag (In case you dont know, that is the name of our Malaysia's flag. Very IMPORTANCE to be a good Malaysia Citizen!) anywhere outside the house. It was still inside the plastic bag that we last bought from SUPER SAVE Store the other day. There were always excuses for us NOT having the Flag OUT of its shopping bag. One most important reason is WE DON'T HAVE A POLE to hang it!

To flaunt the fact that we are very patriotic and a very good exemplary citizen of Malaysia , We bought a little (TWO actually) dangling flag for the Car. Its dangling inside the car because it has springs to make these little flags bouncing. Unfortunately, these twin flags were craving for ATTENTION!, and distracting the driver from looking WHERE HE GOES. Errrr... wait, thats me! LOL

Have you heard the 1Malaysia concept? NO? COME ON! you wont be sooo patriotic if you dont! No one says that you must know it, just you have to know about it. Well, if you ask me. Do Google them! BHAHAHAHA, oh oh... I heard on the news (YES! I watch the NEWS! its very patriotic to know all the stuff going on) that the "RACE would not be stated on the National Registration Identification Card", NRIC for short, Probably the same thing as the Security Number for the American. Whats that got to do with being 1Malaysia? So... no one will be racism when they look at the NRIC? hemmm.. I'm cool with that. WAIT!, I have to check mine... does it say anything like it?

bummer! it doesn't say whats my race! Hemm... probably I heard wrong.

Since I spent soo much time on Facebook, I have added the 1Malaysia as my favorite! Go ME!!! yay!.. oh wait, iCArly says that "You Go Girl!" is soo first grade. (Ops!) I should stop using the "Go Me!" than. Dang! I got myself to find something to Cheer Me...

Flaunting of my patriotism has cost me dearly. The first day I have the flag in the car, they stole it! not just the flags, but together with the car and everything inside and attached to it!! COME ON PEOPLE!! SUPER SAVE Store sells plenty of these flags. And in many sizes! It doesn't cost much too! Only RM1 a little flag! Now you know why we are pretty reluctant to put up the big flag on the house? My Independence month are SUCK-ISH!
Oh wait! its only 19th... not end of the Independence month yet! wonder what the rest will bring!

I want my car back!!!!!! give it back you evil mean people!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Car Stolen Alert!

Dear Miri-ans bloggers community [and surrounding],

If you see this car, please do alert the police...

This Car, a Toyota (BJ), registered number QKC5194 was stolen from my sister house compound this morning at their home in Canada View Garden (Miri, Sarawak) this morning.

Your cooperation are highly appreciated.

Thank you.
boy awang

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Layout!

Bored with the uninspiring blog layout, I decided to renovate them. And hopes this might gives me a little burst to waste my precious time scribbling my though online to complete strangers.

My sidebar is still a mess... will try to organize them later.

Well, I know this look kinda stupid... me talking with myself!

A note to myself:

Start blog renovation on;

July 26th, 2009

-the end-

Monday, April 06, 2009

Dont judge by it cover

Reflection of the flair from the processing plant on the cloudy night guide my every step with 3 pack of Ice cream bought from the shop in hand. Trying to remember what I was told of the exact location of this gathering will be. Once I passed the gate, it wasn't that difficult to guess that a small group of people sitting on the asphalt road are those that I am looking for. the bright white teeth from a welcoming smile seen from a distance bring warm inside. I am at the right place.

As I approached, I saw all the familiar faces under the street light. I am so thankful that I did bring something to the gathering. How awful I look like, if I just come with empty hand. The cheers of welcoming me bring joy to my heart and sweat to my forehead, as I felt like was the center of attention and as if, there were thousand of them. Stage fright slowly emerged but once I was sit and blended in the group, its slowly drowned again. This is not my night... It is their night and I am just happy to be with all of them.

How time flies so fast unnoticed. I felt like, it was just yesterday that I arrived here, and now after more than a year, its saying goodbyes time! oh dear. I get to know this people personally, understand them and shared their struggles. Hearing their struggles, makes me realize how lucky I am.

Looking at their long 'rocker" hair style, their choice of clothing to wear, If I don't know them myself, I would have guess that they are not a good influence to me. Don't be fool by their appearance. This common phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover" applies. Our first impression always cloud our perception of a person. For all this time spent here, I come to know the persons behind those long hairs, torn jeans. behind those cheerful smile hide their struggles in life. Accepting what they have and doing the best they can with what they have. All these .. I call "good things" that I see in them can't be describe in words.

Goodbyes... It all I that I said. I shake, I thank and plead them to take care of themselves. I hug few, which seems like a joke to them. I too did it partially as a joke, but it is my hiden desire wanted to give them a little comfort, to let them know that I do care. Their shaky laugh stop me, for fear of the walls that they've come to know as their comfort for years to fall. Perhaps its best to leave it that way... it never fails them so far...

Dear friends, I pray that you all have a safe journey. I treasure our memories and time here... I wish we meet again someday...

Friday, March 27, 2009


This is the word used by one of my fellow colleague, when he express his disappointment towards a numbers of people that we are working with. The first time he asked me, "You know what is bully?".. the first thing that come to mind is SCHOOL. Isn't bullies only happened to students and a school problem?

What my fellow colleague (what do you call a person in the same profession but working for different Company?) disappointment towards these people was that they like and keeps making unnecessary fuss of everything or even nothing! Why that issues was never being raised or why it was never a problem back than? and suddenly it become "BIG" issues? These group has been making their present felt every time they were back on duty. Sometimes, I felt they are very childish complaining that we this, and we that, but where? where is the location? or who is the person? As if we were not working on the same site when they said these and that on their report.

Just for your information, these group of people have the privilege of only 28 days work, and 28 days on holiday. And compared to the majority of "us" which are on duty for 4 to 6 months and 3 weeks maximum holiday. Which means, we will see them 3 to four times having their holiday or so we call it to be "recharge" compared to "us" we still using the same old batteries.

Every time when this group arrived, our nice smooth and cheerful on going work will suddenly change. Its like the dark storm scrawling in the skies as they appear. And I have to keep this smiling face, and take every shit they trow at you. If you complains to their big boss, they'll see you as back stabbing or personnel attack. Which I suspect and believe that these people are the one that pursuing their personnel vendetta. Our moral and spirit getting down each day. Not even the encouraging words from their leaders heals these weaken spirits. What a "Keep up the good work" means? when in 1 hours time, once they received complains from these group and take it as it is, and ask "Why the f**k is this happening?". For crying out loud, are you so dumb to take all these complains like one big gulp of water? Ever heard the word "INVESTIGATE?". I for once felt like to trow up for such "pretentious" , unprofessional and acting on some people just so they can be seen. why don't just hire a band and play you a song every time you enter?

I am re-evaluating, and re-thinking of the additional month that they've requested me to stay on... I'm just tired and need a break from this .... I don't have a name to call it, maybe "shit" is most appropriate.

In the mean time, like a friend says.. I sigh and sigh and sigh day after day...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

4 months to 6 months

What Next...
This is the words that's been lingering in my head when my contract is just about to end this end of March. If Sandy Munga have trade mark the words which is her blog tittle.. I probably be paying her a huge amount of royalty for using and thinking of that words for days... maybe weeks. As best I try to ignore it, "What next" keeps coming. Fellow friends and colleague keep asking me "when I am due for home leave".. or "when my contract will end" these aren't helping. Yesterday I was informed that my contract is "automatically" extended for the next two months time. Which mean, I will continued to work without break or home leave until end of May!!! theres pro and cons in that situation. Pro: ehem.. I still got paid for another two months time!!..Con: I'm working for full 6 months time without break!

So.. what next? well, for at least the next 2 months time, I am still here! at least my boss said "please continue.." . Another drawback which had just cross my mind is that, I will be saying alot of good byes to my fellow friends which need to be release before I do!! the thought just makes me really sad. I come to term and fond with the men I work with. They are all warm and very friendly that makes me feels being part of a family. Being gentle yet stern is what I can do for their kindness when they simply slipped or takes short cuts while performing task. I keep remind myself, to be patient and calm at all time. Even when they're totally wrong.

As of this month end, I will completed my One year tenure of my service here and I did not regret making or accepting the offer to work here. I found (as I expected) that my fellow Indonesian pals.. are all very nice people. Did I ever told you that I am part of Indonesian since my mom was born and raise here. At least, among the children she has, I've been and stayed 1 year in the country which she was from. And you know what? I am proud of it! I am proud of my mother for her courage in moving to another country. I hope that one day, I would company my mom to her birth place and meeting her (and my) relatives. If you know my mom, you will aspect a publicly openness of emotions. a.k.a tears and cried openly. Every time my mom says "bupu bupu anak kidih" when I called her.. It just wanna make you cried and calm at the same time. If you haven't figure it out. I am a lot closer to my mom than my dad. But not a mummy boy. sounds like I'm spoiled brat or something.

Ok, enough of my thought, just to let you know that I got rid of my facial hair. Which I had mix responds from my fellow friends here. I don't blame them, they never see me without my mustache and beards. Some says I looks like a kid, I look like 16 years old, I look better without it, I look less big? or stern... and so many more unending comments. But you know what? I do feels kinda funny without it. I feels sooo.... hem naked? something like that. Anyway, I just got rid of it, it gonna grow back. In the meantime, I am enjoying the "hairlessness" around my mouth!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flu = daydreaming

These couple of days I was (well, I still am) in the battle struggling with this ugly noise that I'm making, trying to keep the slimy liquid to flow free out from my nose! Its taste a bit salty. yeah, I know how disgust you must feels. my body just gave a little squirm when I type them. Hahaha.. One weird man huh? I probably bored you with the tales of this Mr. Flu attack, but I don't care. At least, I write something new on my blog yea..

Anyway, being this state... you know, I simply can't simply focus on the matter at hand. I always have something bug me. Like today, I was in a meeting, I hardly hear a word they said. Well, I did jot down something, but I wasn't listening.. hem.. does that make sense to you? This is my worst kinda of state. My words and sentences like sooo wrong.. you know what I mean? but I am too lazy to correct them now. Just to prove you my point. Everything I do getting sooo slow.. as my friend Tesna likes to call me "Lembap" everytime I do something slow. hahaha... He catch this word from his Malaysian friends in College... what an interesting word malaysian teach their friends. Oh, Tesna just teach me.. "kempret" which means monkey... they use that words to curse. poor monkey huh?

wait, back to the subject.. being.. I mean, having flu, makes you say something which you only suppose to say it when you drunk. I accidently disclose a "sensitive" or "highly clasified" information during my small talk with my fellow friends. And he eventually clarify this information to the person. And this person was really mad at me and wonder why I told this friend. Anyway, cut story short, I wasn't aware of such information was "sensitive" until my boss told me the result of such information to someone if it fall to the "right" person. That when I know its a "sensitive" information, even when I'm right. MAN!!! I hate writing in puzzle.. Being the person that I am... err why did start the sentences as such? .. I confront the person and appolagize to them. End of story! never mind whose's fault it was, as long as everything fine, relationship stay .. good.

Still sucking back fluids flowing... pray it will stop by tomorrow. I hate being like this..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pictures Randomness

My current picture I uploaded on my profile Picture. This is taken by my friend Tesna while were were having our dinner in the Camp. We both agreed the apple juice that I'm having very much looks like beer. Its alcohol free here remember? ;p

Another cheerful faces that brighten up your days on site. This is Sibron Tua, and I called and purposedly teased him "pak tua", which means.. er.. mr. Old. and he really don't like that.. ;p

This is Pak Johari.. he asked me to take his picture and he wanted to pose as such. No forced needed.. silly dude. and I willingly take such silliness shot! ;p I like to think that he's proud of the works that the team has shown here.

A group photo, just taken yesterday night while we waiting for documents to start a work. What a great team!

Do you spot whats behind the bush? let me give you a clue... its my favourate meat for Barbeque.. nyum nyum! ;p

This is my friend Tesna... er... actually he was holding the mug like that for a few second for me to take. hehehe... it does shows in this photo yeah? He's back in Jakarta for a week.... must be drink a real beer now.. oh wait, he don't drink beer! Man.. I would switch place with him.. I want beer! just a cup or two..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Easily Satisfied: Contented? or Weak?

Recently I started to think... when did I start to feels easily satisfied? I easily get satisfied with the 7am to 6pm working time during the weekend. How did I get to feels so happy when I need not to work until 10pm on the weekend? How did I get to feels content when its rains and we need not to work until 10pm? With the non-stop 7am to 10pm working hours daily, I tend to look forward to these weekend. With my last month time sheet submitted which I assume it is being "review"... since I've been working nearly 100 hours for overtime last month and I have not received my pay yet, even it is close to end of February. How did I get to feels its OK when the company delayed in paying my salary?

Must I? or should I be worried for being easily contented? Is this a sign of me aging?

I have plan to further my studies, but how can I become a student when I am easily contented? should I abandon this dream? would that make me ambition-less? I read or I heard from somewhere that learning is a lifetime process, to be great and to be "somebody", you must have ambitions... what does that make me when I only be easily satisfied? Shouldn't I be worried?

I was told from someone who claimed to be a "religious advisor" once that I should getting married soon to change to course of my life from a "bad" to a new course. Honestly, I don't believe this sort of things, but when is told by someone close to me and in a convincing way, its kinda stick your head. But after awhile, I forget and its kinda stop bugging me... Shouldn't I be worried? Shouldn't I be considering all the "prospects" introduced from my own sisters and relatives? How do you know it is time? I don't feel it. How did you guys knows it time to settle donw?.. I feels its ok being single and continue to support my family. Why should I add another individual in the line for dependents on me? Do I need to? Isn't this is a sign that I am contented being on my own... without my "better half" [yet]? shouldn't I be worried?

Oh dear... how did I go from being happy with my weekend work until 6pm to this? Seems like Ms Potter was right... the first single word that I wrote brings me somewhere.. and my first word brings me here writing crap and rubbish thought... the midafternoon breeze from the sea remind me of wonderful times. and the buzzing sounds from the plants brings me back to reality! Oh crap... its already 1pm. I wasted my afternoon rest time writing crap.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Long due Pictures posting

This a long overdue posting of my New Year 2009 Celebration in West Papua.

When you're working in a 99% populated by all men, you'll aspect the entertainment for any celebration were Girls singing and dancing wearing tight and sexy dress and big b**bs. See the following pictures...

Trio Macan performing "unique" entertainment in barefoot.Er... where are we again?

oh yeah... shameless dancing and speech.
For example:
1. These girls asked the audience..
"Man Minum?
Minum air apa?
Air Susu?
Susu siapa?"
2. they asked the audience...
"kalau trio macan dibahagi2kan kepada tiga i.e the top, middle and the bottom. Mau bahagian yang mana? Mau yang tengah mau diapa in perut?"

Well... Its all for the a good laugh. I had a good laugh and surprised by these openness...
Not soo bad living in a jungle huh?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Season Greeting

I want to wish to those who happen to drop by my Blog..

Happy Merry Christmas
Happy New Year 2009

Monday, December 22, 2008

Blogging like a politician


Something I started after I bumped into one, read, enjoyed, had fun, gave me knowledge and continue to follow up on every post on some blogs and end up writing my own blog. Blog or Blogging is not even recognized by Microsoft Word program as an English word. I come to know someone from the blog, even meet them in person, and influence a friend to start a blog

These days, with less decent internet connection, my blogging become even less decent updated entry. Sometimes months! And I started thinking of deleting my blog.

Anyway, when I watched my favorite TV series episode [Brothers and Sisters] on my laptop during lunch time, about one of the actor confessing how difficult it is to be a political, being restricted to talks on certain stuff, never to touch certain issue, and how he envy his priest brother. I come to think that blogging for me is more and less similar like a politician. I write whatever (within reason) that cross my mind. That, “within reason” word holding me back to write freely.

I would love to “talks” freely without conditions, without having the consequences of saying it out laud. How I wish that everything that I said have no judgmental perception of who I am and the real me. I come to know that every single words that I type, may it be jokes or just plain frustrations, readers who knows who I am tend to discuss them with me. Concerned of why I said what I said, why I feels the way I feels, why I choose this instead of that. Etc.

When I started to blog, I have set a line that I will use anonymous name, not even a single picture of myself, and not to go into details. As the blogging progresses, I started to forget, I started to go into details and started to post myself photo. Every policy was set were throw into the dustbin for whatever reason which I have lost tract.

I remember once that this person come up to me… “dude! I’ve read your blog!”, I was like thinking hard… did I said anything bad of him on the blog [out of my frustration]??? Did I write anything which will affect our relationships? Man… I don’t want to be in that situation again. Have you experience that? Or was it just me? Blogging for me become my bulletin board for my family, relatives and friends. And that’s when my blogging become very political. Not the topic discussed, but the nature of the topic that I blog.

Now, you might asked... what the point of this entry? Nil! which was my initial purpose of blogging.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So much thing to do yet so little time...

Dear fellow bloggers and friends,

It seems like I was just getting off from the site and... my holiday is ended! how quick the time has pass... like the malay says "as a blink of an eye". But looking back, I had done and went to the place I had planned, I have eaten most missed foods and yet still longing for more... this wasn't intended to be soo melodramatic.. but it is how I fell. Well, sort of. hehe

Anyway, I kinda having trouble packing up right now... I have planned stuff that I want to bring back and these stuff are pilling up with those "requested" item. I have spent most of my free time looking and searching for their stuff instead of mine. And now, I forgot to buy myself a pair of sock! and few little importing things to do!! yikes!

Sorry to those that I have promised to meet during this holiday, but didn't had the time to. I am truly sorry. Having my parent around has been making me busy with things they want. Well, its just an excuse.. I know... I have no better excuse... I try to make it next time.. that is for now... got to get some sleep and continue packing tomorrow... nite2

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Undetermined Title Entry

Dear fellow bloggers and friends,

I noticed that you come by and I know how disappointed you are to find similar page you've seen many months ago. It has been really hard for me to spend some time, sit down and rambling about things that I did or will do and things that linger in my head. The internet struggles to login to this site which I only succeeded today contribute bits and peaces to this long over due update entry. I am still thinking what the title I should type for this page as I have no clue of what I am about to write.

Well, for one thing that is worth to be excited about... well, for me I mean, is the day that I am going back home again for holiday! I remember the thought that I had when I just return from my 1st home leave on July... "4 months! such a long time to go before my next home leave..", but it already passed 4 months now and I only have ONE (1) more day before I take the boat to Biak, twin otter to Babo, Garuda to Jakarta and MAS to Kuala Lumpur!!! and MAS to Miri!!! and anther twin otter to Lawas!!! aahhhhh what a hassle!

Here I am writing on my blog.. instead of finishing my monthly report which I started two months ago... well, initially I only need to produce a statistic, numbers and figures for my report. Since I started this long write-up which I though will be a plus for our reporting to our home office... now its come back to me!! how I wish that I just stick with simple reporting, instead of long writing like writing a thesis every month!! hahaha... yeah! I am laughing at myself!

Talking about holiday... I have plan and bought tickets and air flight to Bangkok on the 10th December with my parent. I am worried if this thing in Bangkok will continue and will effect my paid holiday plan. If so, will I be refunded? just hope this thing in Bangkok will end before the date that I fly... just so you know... I read, this protest thing doesn't harm visitors at all... so, that doesn't deter my intention to visit Bangkok with my parent. lets just hope and see lah.

ok.. this is for now... see you later alligator!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Calender Model

Well... I think its best for me not to apologize for not having my blog updated regularly. I don't aspect you to understand, but I aspect that you know why.

Anyway, I want you to know that I am one of many proud owner of the cool iPhone! I bought it from someone at work for RM2K. Considered how hard it was for me to find them back home when I was on my home leave, its consider cheap lah. Its the 8GB, the first introduced iPhone in the market (I think). Besides, they sell it a lot higher than the suggested price I read from the magazine. I like it when scrolling the list of songs or my contact just by gentle finger touch on the screen.

Anyway, here's a photo I take using my iphone...

Karen kan? (Its mean "cool huh" in Indonesia)... by the way, do you have any idea how many megapixels does my iPhone have?

Yep... these two are of few boys that I'm working with. It was just after a hard work under hot a blazing sun, and they took of their shirt during that break. And I was happen to be there and took their picture for fun... These two kids even pose for me!!

They have no idea that I have posted their pictures in my Facebook, and now in here!!! hahaha.. naughty boy! Anyway, they kinda make the cut for model for the Calender photos-.. Girls probably dig it!... Well, I know girls dig my cool iPhone, but there ain't any chick here for me to "show off". hahaha....

Last Sunday was Indonesia's 63th Independence day (Indonesia & Malaysia's Independence day in the same month!), And we celebrate the historical day for Indonesia with sport activities and Concert. It was really great to have a day off. In the morning we had Flag Ceremony which I missed because the "XL" shirt they gave me to wear was too tight. :-(

I'll post few photos of the HUT RI - 63 (Hari Ulang Tahun Republik Indonesia) that we celebrated here in West Papua in my next posting. How soon? ... depend on hows our Internet connection when I have time to post.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Counting the days

No place is better than home!
I have around 50 days to go before I can fly back home! You can't imagine how I feels looking forward to that day, and yet... afraid its will just past too quick. I am entitle to have 2 weeks holiday (home leave) after 4 months straight working here - thats according to my contract. Unlike others whom fortunate enough that they spent 30 days here working and another 30 days back home! And I think I deserve more than just 2 weeks home leave. Well, thats what I want ...and 2 weeks wont be enough!

2 weeks ... withs such limited time... and soo many things that I want to do and to go... why.. oh why..
I am starting to plan in my head. What I should do, and where should I go... I must go back to KL and hope to have at least 1 Sunday service at the Bridge!.. How I desperately longing for TBIC kind of Sunday service. I only went 1 time to church that they have here. Its all tooo... er I don't know what the kind-er word for "dull", but forgive me.. it is how I feels sitting in that church. And I am sooo discourage to go there again. And they make me feels like an outcast when no one is dare to sit two step radius around me!!

And the talks with my fellow Sarawakian who have been to Ba'kelalan lead me for planning a visit to this place. I heard a lot of good feedback from people that went there. And since it is where my "race" are concern... it wouldn't be good not knowing or been to such place and talks proudly about it.. right? right?

Oh dear... everyone here keeps asking me what I've been eating or what is my weight...Seriously, isn't that sort of thing suppose to be sensitive to people that are slightly heavier like me? If it is... these people are very insensitive for mocking my good look and rounder shape. right? Well, its just the way they can find to make jokes with me.. I don't mind at all... as long as they listen follows with actions. Man... seriously I need to lose some weight!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Here goes another update

At last, I manage to do a little update on my blog. I know, its kinda lame for me to updates after such long hiatus.

Here I am... adapting to my new environment and a new place. I am now in West Papua, working for the "sun rising" company in the 3rd/4th largest population in the world... and basically.. out of nowhere.

Its been more than 3 weeks now. The familiar faces working with me does help me a lot adapting to this new environment. I event start to grow beard! Missing the simple thing back home and missing my friends and family... not to mentioned I am in the 1% minority in this place. Naturally, I tend to make friends with those 1% minority group of people. Not that the local are not that friendly, they are in fact very warm and respectful people. And very competitive on Badminton I must say.

So... how do I look like? Tze Ee comments on my photo in the facebook that I updated, said I look like a Japanese. I take that as a Complement. And Vincent said.. I look like a man now! hahaha.. Probably I look like a boy before than. Or maybe its something to do with my beard. Or the Safety measures that I need to put on every time I go to site. You know what they say.. walk the talk. Can't ask your man to wear something when you, yourself don't wear them, right?

10 long working hours everyday (thats include Saturday and Sunday) qualify you to be a workaholic. And 4 months or 6 months (in this case for the local) without booze and an opposite sex relationship qualify you to be a monk! Seriously, this place is like a prison... and staying in a dorm like Camp. Well, probably a little higher than a dorm standard. Its feels the same. And your main priority after finished that long working hours is to have enough sleep. I know.. its kinda boring lame life. But this is the choice I make. As long as I get big buck huh? I guess, in a way... He answered my prayer. Let just say... I only need to work 6 months and I get the same sum of 3 years working in KL before. Not to mentioned, I need not to spend a single cents the whole time I'm at this place.

The only reason I talk about that $$ is because, it is my motivation to stay on.. no matter how hard it is. No matter what I'm missing back home during these whole 4 months.. or how badly I miss everyone... or how I'll be alcohol free for the next 4 months... Thats what encourage me. Forgive me if thats offended you... I am just being truthful.

Basically... its not that bad. I try to make something different in my life. To prove to myself that I can do this. I try to take it one day at a time... If I try to think about it the whole time.. I'll probably be soo stress and crazy. My motto is.. If they can do it, Why Cant I? Simple, yet its enough to give me the confidence... for now. Ok. I think, this is enough for now... cant use too much of my 10 working hours... well, actually I have to work 11 hours everyday, so I can earn 1 hours overtime. Not by choice ... just that everyone goes back to camp at the same time. My site Manager asked me to take more overtime these couple of days.. i.e.. working till 10pm... I don't know.. I dont want to sound greedy by agreeing or lazy by refusing at the same time. Complicated huh? Well.. probably just in my head.

Its me ... signing off for now.
Safety 1st! ;)


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