Friday, January 09, 2009

Long due Pictures posting

This a long overdue posting of my New Year 2009 Celebration in West Papua.

When you're working in a 99% populated by all men, you'll aspect the entertainment for any celebration were Girls singing and dancing wearing tight and sexy dress and big b**bs. See the following pictures...

Trio Macan performing "unique" entertainment in barefoot.Er... where are we again?

oh yeah... shameless dancing and speech.
For example:
1. These girls asked the audience..
"Man Minum?
Minum air apa?
Air Susu?
Susu siapa?"
2. they asked the audience...
"kalau trio macan dibahagi2kan kepada tiga i.e the top, middle and the bottom. Mau bahagian yang mana? Mau yang tengah mau diapa in perut?"

Well... Its all for the a good laugh. I had a good laugh and surprised by these openness...
Not soo bad living in a jungle huh?


Anonymous said...

Hi Musa, how's going brother?

Sounds like life's being good to you, yes?

Whenever you're back in town lets hang out at Helmi's Noodle Station - yeah, he bought that franchise. The man's livin' the entrepreneur's dream now :)

Take care

- Mahathir

Silverfox said...

Long time no see ;) Loving the photos sir!

Musa said...


I lost yours and Helmi's contact.. Please forward me yours ok. I would like to eat at Helmi's place.

Been busy... glad you love it ;p


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