Sunday, August 16, 2009

Car Stolen Alert!

Dear Miri-ans bloggers community [and surrounding],

If you see this car, please do alert the police...

This Car, a Toyota (BJ), registered number QKC5194 was stolen from my sister house compound this morning at their home in Canada View Garden (Miri, Sarawak) this morning.

Your cooperation are highly appreciated.

Thank you.
boy awang


Anonymous said...

stolen from the house, scares me a lot. we had an experience where 2 of our hilux were stolen from the house we rented in miri (pin fook) and one was stolen from a worker's house. we lost 3 vehicles in a year :()

uncle boy said...

yes, from the house that we just moved in.
Actually, this is my sister 3rd times too. First,their volvo stolen when they park at the Workshop in Bintulu.. till now no news of it.
2nd her Toyota Pajero stolen when they park at the shophouse for sunday service in Bintulu. It was found in 5 days near Oil Palm Estate. Thank God for that.
Now this is the 3rd time, till now, no news.. We pray to have it back coz the insurance was still on 3rd party (workshop where they bought it). RM50K just lost like that without any insurance claims!
Its just bad luck with Cars..


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