Monday, December 22, 2008

Blogging like a politician


Something I started after I bumped into one, read, enjoyed, had fun, gave me knowledge and continue to follow up on every post on some blogs and end up writing my own blog. Blog or Blogging is not even recognized by Microsoft Word program as an English word. I come to know someone from the blog, even meet them in person, and influence a friend to start a blog

These days, with less decent internet connection, my blogging become even less decent updated entry. Sometimes months! And I started thinking of deleting my blog.

Anyway, when I watched my favorite TV series episode [Brothers and Sisters] on my laptop during lunch time, about one of the actor confessing how difficult it is to be a political, being restricted to talks on certain stuff, never to touch certain issue, and how he envy his priest brother. I come to think that blogging for me is more and less similar like a politician. I write whatever (within reason) that cross my mind. That, “within reason” word holding me back to write freely.

I would love to “talks” freely without conditions, without having the consequences of saying it out laud. How I wish that everything that I said have no judgmental perception of who I am and the real me. I come to know that every single words that I type, may it be jokes or just plain frustrations, readers who knows who I am tend to discuss them with me. Concerned of why I said what I said, why I feels the way I feels, why I choose this instead of that. Etc.

When I started to blog, I have set a line that I will use anonymous name, not even a single picture of myself, and not to go into details. As the blogging progresses, I started to forget, I started to go into details and started to post myself photo. Every policy was set were throw into the dustbin for whatever reason which I have lost tract.

I remember once that this person come up to me… “dude! I’ve read your blog!”, I was like thinking hard… did I said anything bad of him on the blog [out of my frustration]??? Did I write anything which will affect our relationships? Man… I don’t want to be in that situation again. Have you experience that? Or was it just me? Blogging for me become my bulletin board for my family, relatives and friends. And that’s when my blogging become very political. Not the topic discussed, but the nature of the topic that I blog.

Now, you might asked... what the point of this entry? Nil! which was my initial purpose of blogging.

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