Monday, April 07, 2008

Here goes another update

At last, I manage to do a little update on my blog. I know, its kinda lame for me to updates after such long hiatus.

Here I am... adapting to my new environment and a new place. I am now in West Papua, working for the "sun rising" company in the 3rd/4th largest population in the world... and basically.. out of nowhere.

Its been more than 3 weeks now. The familiar faces working with me does help me a lot adapting to this new environment. I event start to grow beard! Missing the simple thing back home and missing my friends and family... not to mentioned I am in the 1% minority in this place. Naturally, I tend to make friends with those 1% minority group of people. Not that the local are not that friendly, they are in fact very warm and respectful people. And very competitive on Badminton I must say.

So... how do I look like? Tze Ee comments on my photo in the facebook that I updated, said I look like a Japanese. I take that as a Complement. And Vincent said.. I look like a man now! hahaha.. Probably I look like a boy before than. Or maybe its something to do with my beard. Or the Safety measures that I need to put on every time I go to site. You know what they say.. walk the talk. Can't ask your man to wear something when you, yourself don't wear them, right?

10 long working hours everyday (thats include Saturday and Sunday) qualify you to be a workaholic. And 4 months or 6 months (in this case for the local) without booze and an opposite sex relationship qualify you to be a monk! Seriously, this place is like a prison... and staying in a dorm like Camp. Well, probably a little higher than a dorm standard. Its feels the same. And your main priority after finished that long working hours is to have enough sleep. I know.. its kinda boring lame life. But this is the choice I make. As long as I get big buck huh? I guess, in a way... He answered my prayer. Let just say... I only need to work 6 months and I get the same sum of 3 years working in KL before. Not to mentioned, I need not to spend a single cents the whole time I'm at this place.

The only reason I talk about that $$ is because, it is my motivation to stay on.. no matter how hard it is. No matter what I'm missing back home during these whole 4 months.. or how badly I miss everyone... or how I'll be alcohol free for the next 4 months... Thats what encourage me. Forgive me if thats offended you... I am just being truthful.

Basically... its not that bad. I try to make something different in my life. To prove to myself that I can do this. I try to take it one day at a time... If I try to think about it the whole time.. I'll probably be soo stress and crazy. My motto is.. If they can do it, Why Cant I? Simple, yet its enough to give me the confidence... for now. Ok. I think, this is enough for now... cant use too much of my 10 working hours... well, actually I have to work 11 hours everyday, so I can earn 1 hours overtime. Not by choice ... just that everyone goes back to camp at the same time. My site Manager asked me to take more overtime these couple of days.. i.e.. working till 10pm... I don't know.. I dont want to sound greedy by agreeing or lazy by refusing at the same time. Complicated huh? Well.. probably just in my head.

Its me ... signing off for now.
Safety 1st! ;)


TZ said...

Glad to know you r okay with the life over in Indo... wow! you will be rich after 6 months :->

aiyo! no beer ah... let me send you some via Facebook hehehe... :-p

Jewelle said...

Wow, Papua New Guinea! Hope to read more on what's life is like there.

Todd Nelson said...

Hey Musa!

Ps Todd here. Louis DeCruz and I just read your April update. It's good to catch up. Sorry so lonely, ah! We miss you, too!

Louis here. Hang in there. West Papua seems like the place you belong. Maybe you will find your Miss Right. You know that two large pigs are all you are required to give your in-laws as a wedding gift. :-)

From us both: Love ya, bro!

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