Thursday, May 22, 2008

Counting the days

No place is better than home!
I have around 50 days to go before I can fly back home! You can't imagine how I feels looking forward to that day, and yet... afraid its will just past too quick. I am entitle to have 2 weeks holiday (home leave) after 4 months straight working here - thats according to my contract. Unlike others whom fortunate enough that they spent 30 days here working and another 30 days back home! And I think I deserve more than just 2 weeks home leave. Well, thats what I want ...and 2 weeks wont be enough!

2 weeks ... withs such limited time... and soo many things that I want to do and to go... why.. oh why..
I am starting to plan in my head. What I should do, and where should I go... I must go back to KL and hope to have at least 1 Sunday service at the Bridge!.. How I desperately longing for TBIC kind of Sunday service. I only went 1 time to church that they have here. Its all tooo... er I don't know what the kind-er word for "dull", but forgive me.. it is how I feels sitting in that church. And I am sooo discourage to go there again. And they make me feels like an outcast when no one is dare to sit two step radius around me!!

And the talks with my fellow Sarawakian who have been to Ba'kelalan lead me for planning a visit to this place. I heard a lot of good feedback from people that went there. And since it is where my "race" are concern... it wouldn't be good not knowing or been to such place and talks proudly about it.. right? right?

Oh dear... everyone here keeps asking me what I've been eating or what is my weight...Seriously, isn't that sort of thing suppose to be sensitive to people that are slightly heavier like me? If it is... these people are very insensitive for mocking my good look and rounder shape. right? Well, its just the way they can find to make jokes with me.. I don't mind at all... as long as they listen follows with actions. Man... seriously I need to lose some weight!


TZ said...

Buddy, you will be coming back to Malaysia on July/August eh! I'll be in Uganda, Africa by then... Too bad we would not meet up. Anyway, enjoy 2 wks here in Malaysia. Come to Uganda Africa and visit me if you have time eh!

Aida said...

Hey Musa, now that I am "seriously" back at blogging I can finally catch up on you. Got too many to catch up on tho!

Btw I'm shutting down my Friendster blog, my new one is at

I can finally link you up then :) Anyways, hope you've been well buddy. Enjoy your 2 weeks off!


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