Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pictures Randomness

My current picture I uploaded on my profile Picture. This is taken by my friend Tesna while were were having our dinner in the Camp. We both agreed the apple juice that I'm having very much looks like beer. Its alcohol free here remember? ;p

Another cheerful faces that brighten up your days on site. This is Sibron Tua, and I called and purposedly teased him "pak tua", which means.. er.. mr. Old. and he really don't like that.. ;p

This is Pak Johari.. he asked me to take his picture and he wanted to pose as such. No forced needed.. silly dude. and I willingly take such silliness shot! ;p I like to think that he's proud of the works that the team has shown here.

A group photo, just taken yesterday night while we waiting for documents to start a work. What a great team!

Do you spot whats behind the bush? let me give you a clue... its my favourate meat for Barbeque.. nyum nyum! ;p

This is my friend Tesna... er... actually he was holding the mug like that for a few second for me to take. hehehe... it does shows in this photo yeah? He's back in Jakarta for a week.... must be drink a real beer now.. oh wait, he don't drink beer! Man.. I would switch place with him.. I want beer! just a cup or two..


TZ said...

Dude... welcome back to the blog community... hahaha... pork bbq... yummy! :)

Get back to KL on March ... we go out for beer :)

Anonymous said...

it is time to clean up your blog...looks neat and nicer..haha..i like the pic on top...very oil and gas look...

Musa said...

Thanks dude...

Yeah, I try to come and updates when the time and connection is good.

am craving for pork dude! aint got pork to eat here.

I took the pictures from this year issue of Calender from site. Well, it is where I am now dude.. you see the tallest vessel? I've been there dude! ;p

Tesna said...

oh my u post my pic without my permission.. wait for my revenge!! :P

Musa said...

revenge? come on... its not a bad picture. ;)


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