Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So much thing to do yet so little time...

Dear fellow bloggers and friends,

It seems like I was just getting off from the site and... my holiday is ended! how quick the time has pass... like the malay says "as a blink of an eye". But looking back, I had done and went to the place I had planned, I have eaten most missed foods and yet still longing for more... this wasn't intended to be soo melodramatic.. but it is how I fell. Well, sort of. hehe

Anyway, I kinda having trouble packing up right now... I have planned stuff that I want to bring back and these stuff are pilling up with those "requested" item. I have spent most of my free time looking and searching for their stuff instead of mine. And now, I forgot to buy myself a pair of sock! and few little importing things to do!! yikes!

Sorry to those that I have promised to meet during this holiday, but didn't had the time to. I am truly sorry. Having my parent around has been making me busy with things they want. Well, its just an excuse.. I know... I have no better excuse... I try to make it next time.. that is for now... got to get some sleep and continue packing tomorrow... nite2

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TZ said...

Dude, have a safe trip back eh! :p


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