Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Easily Satisfied: Contented? or Weak?

Recently I started to think... when did I start to feels easily satisfied? I easily get satisfied with the 7am to 6pm working time during the weekend. How did I get to feels so happy when I need not to work until 10pm on the weekend? How did I get to feels content when its rains and we need not to work until 10pm? With the non-stop 7am to 10pm working hours daily, I tend to look forward to these weekend. With my last month time sheet submitted which I assume it is being "review"... since I've been working nearly 100 hours for overtime last month and I have not received my pay yet, even it is close to end of February. How did I get to feels its OK when the company delayed in paying my salary?

Must I? or should I be worried for being easily contented? Is this a sign of me aging?

I have plan to further my studies, but how can I become a student when I am easily contented? should I abandon this dream? would that make me ambition-less? I read or I heard from somewhere that learning is a lifetime process, to be great and to be "somebody", you must have ambitions... what does that make me when I only be easily satisfied? Shouldn't I be worried?

I was told from someone who claimed to be a "religious advisor" once that I should getting married soon to change to course of my life from a "bad" to a new course. Honestly, I don't believe this sort of things, but when is told by someone close to me and in a convincing way, its kinda stick your head. But after awhile, I forget and its kinda stop bugging me... Shouldn't I be worried? Shouldn't I be considering all the "prospects" introduced from my own sisters and relatives? How do you know it is time? I don't feel it. How did you guys knows it time to settle donw?.. I feels its ok being single and continue to support my family. Why should I add another individual in the line for dependents on me? Do I need to? Isn't this is a sign that I am contented being on my own... without my "better half" [yet]? shouldn't I be worried?

Oh dear... how did I go from being happy with my weekend work until 6pm to this? Seems like Ms Potter was right... the first single word that I wrote brings me somewhere.. and my first word brings me here writing crap and rubbish thought... the midafternoon breeze from the sea remind me of wonderful times. and the buzzing sounds from the plants brings me back to reality! Oh crap... its already 1pm. I wasted my afternoon rest time writing crap.

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