Monday, April 06, 2009

Dont judge by it cover

Reflection of the flair from the processing plant on the cloudy night guide my every step with 3 pack of Ice cream bought from the shop in hand. Trying to remember what I was told of the exact location of this gathering will be. Once I passed the gate, it wasn't that difficult to guess that a small group of people sitting on the asphalt road are those that I am looking for. the bright white teeth from a welcoming smile seen from a distance bring warm inside. I am at the right place.

As I approached, I saw all the familiar faces under the street light. I am so thankful that I did bring something to the gathering. How awful I look like, if I just come with empty hand. The cheers of welcoming me bring joy to my heart and sweat to my forehead, as I felt like was the center of attention and as if, there were thousand of them. Stage fright slowly emerged but once I was sit and blended in the group, its slowly drowned again. This is not my night... It is their night and I am just happy to be with all of them.

How time flies so fast unnoticed. I felt like, it was just yesterday that I arrived here, and now after more than a year, its saying goodbyes time! oh dear. I get to know this people personally, understand them and shared their struggles. Hearing their struggles, makes me realize how lucky I am.

Looking at their long 'rocker" hair style, their choice of clothing to wear, If I don't know them myself, I would have guess that they are not a good influence to me. Don't be fool by their appearance. This common phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover" applies. Our first impression always cloud our perception of a person. For all this time spent here, I come to know the persons behind those long hairs, torn jeans. behind those cheerful smile hide their struggles in life. Accepting what they have and doing the best they can with what they have. All these .. I call "good things" that I see in them can't be describe in words.

Goodbyes... It all I that I said. I shake, I thank and plead them to take care of themselves. I hug few, which seems like a joke to them. I too did it partially as a joke, but it is my hiden desire wanted to give them a little comfort, to let them know that I do care. Their shaky laugh stop me, for fear of the walls that they've come to know as their comfort for years to fall. Perhaps its best to leave it that way... it never fails them so far...

Dear friends, I pray that you all have a safe journey. I treasure our memories and time here... I wish we meet again someday...


TZ said...

It's sad to say goodbye ... *sob sob*
Dude, when r u coming back to Malaysia ???

Musa said...

the latest by 29th this month.


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