Thursday, March 12, 2009

4 months to 6 months

What Next...
This is the words that's been lingering in my head when my contract is just about to end this end of March. If Sandy Munga have trade mark the words which is her blog tittle.. I probably be paying her a huge amount of royalty for using and thinking of that words for days... maybe weeks. As best I try to ignore it, "What next" keeps coming. Fellow friends and colleague keep asking me "when I am due for home leave".. or "when my contract will end" these aren't helping. Yesterday I was informed that my contract is "automatically" extended for the next two months time. Which mean, I will continued to work without break or home leave until end of May!!! theres pro and cons in that situation. Pro: ehem.. I still got paid for another two months time!!..Con: I'm working for full 6 months time without break!

So.. what next? well, for at least the next 2 months time, I am still here! at least my boss said "please continue.." . Another drawback which had just cross my mind is that, I will be saying alot of good byes to my fellow friends which need to be release before I do!! the thought just makes me really sad. I come to term and fond with the men I work with. They are all warm and very friendly that makes me feels being part of a family. Being gentle yet stern is what I can do for their kindness when they simply slipped or takes short cuts while performing task. I keep remind myself, to be patient and calm at all time. Even when they're totally wrong.

As of this month end, I will completed my One year tenure of my service here and I did not regret making or accepting the offer to work here. I found (as I expected) that my fellow Indonesian pals.. are all very nice people. Did I ever told you that I am part of Indonesian since my mom was born and raise here. At least, among the children she has, I've been and stayed 1 year in the country which she was from. And you know what? I am proud of it! I am proud of my mother for her courage in moving to another country. I hope that one day, I would company my mom to her birth place and meeting her (and my) relatives. If you know my mom, you will aspect a publicly openness of emotions. a.k.a tears and cried openly. Every time my mom says "bupu bupu anak kidih" when I called her.. It just wanna make you cried and calm at the same time. If you haven't figure it out. I am a lot closer to my mom than my dad. But not a mummy boy. sounds like I'm spoiled brat or something.

Ok, enough of my thought, just to let you know that I got rid of my facial hair. Which I had mix responds from my fellow friends here. I don't blame them, they never see me without my mustache and beards. Some says I looks like a kid, I look like 16 years old, I look better without it, I look less big? or stern... and so many more unending comments. But you know what? I do feels kinda funny without it. I feels sooo.... hem naked? something like that. Anyway, I just got rid of it, it gonna grow back. In the meantime, I am enjoying the "hairlessness" around my mouth!


TZ said...

Dude, I think you look better without the beard... :)

Musa said...

well, at least that's 2 +ve feedback out of many.

Anonymous said...

hey kaban, try post your resume at petrominwork...i believe they have few on H&S related job...really wanna have you back working in KL lagi lah? Sound very selfish but need another fellow lun bawang around hehe...see you in May! If you have no plans in July, let's go to Gunung Murud!!!


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