Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flu = daydreaming

These couple of days I was (well, I still am) in the battle struggling with this ugly noise that I'm making, trying to keep the slimy liquid to flow free out from my nose! Its taste a bit salty. yeah, I know how disgust you must feels. my body just gave a little squirm when I type them. Hahaha.. One weird man huh? I probably bored you with the tales of this Mr. Flu attack, but I don't care. At least, I write something new on my blog yea..

Anyway, being this state... you know, I simply can't simply focus on the matter at hand. I always have something bug me. Like today, I was in a meeting, I hardly hear a word they said. Well, I did jot down something, but I wasn't listening.. hem.. does that make sense to you? This is my worst kinda of state. My words and sentences like sooo wrong.. you know what I mean? but I am too lazy to correct them now. Just to prove you my point. Everything I do getting sooo slow.. as my friend Tesna likes to call me "Lembap" everytime I do something slow. hahaha... He catch this word from his Malaysian friends in College... what an interesting word malaysian teach their friends. Oh, Tesna just teach me.. "kempret" which means monkey... they use that words to curse. poor monkey huh?

wait, back to the subject.. being.. I mean, having flu, makes you say something which you only suppose to say it when you drunk. I accidently disclose a "sensitive" or "highly clasified" information during my small talk with my fellow friends. And he eventually clarify this information to the person. And this person was really mad at me and wonder why I told this friend. Anyway, cut story short, I wasn't aware of such information was "sensitive" until my boss told me the result of such information to someone if it fall to the "right" person. That when I know its a "sensitive" information, even when I'm right. MAN!!! I hate writing in puzzle.. Being the person that I am... err why did start the sentences as such? .. I confront the person and appolagize to them. End of story! never mind whose's fault it was, as long as everything fine, relationship stay .. good.

Still sucking back fluids flowing... pray it will stop by tomorrow. I hate being like this..


saran said...

ooo.tedah..kesia..keli kuh neh serok2 used lots of vitamin's viral flu...drink lots of water...I got mine sice going up and down hospital sending my mom who had mild heart many ppl "serok2 used" dai emergency unit..that's how I got mine...take care

Anonymous said...

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Musa said...

Na luk metakap kuh Vitamin C bang pulung nih..mabud lun bang opis mused mumung rat negkuh... do samal te kuan ideh.

Thanks for dropping by...nothing compare to your cool blog.. ;)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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saran said...


hadiah istimewa neh kuan ideh dai neh :P,


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