Monday, August 20, 2007

Beautiful Monday

No.. I refuse to accept Monday as a "blue Monday"... I'm trying to apply MinKyu's positive thinking yesterday. And I think, its very good.. and I am going to apply it! Think Positive... its like ignore the bad/negative things that happening around you... and look on the brighter side. Right Minkyu? (not that Minkyu going to read this)

Its a brand new day!.. you see a clear blue sky, comes early to work, had a nice "reheat" breakfast at home and had really good rest... had nice yummy Chi Ku Teh with my pal-Immanuel... why does it have to be "blue".. its a beautiful Monday! don't you think?

Besides, I had a whole wonderful weekend.. super wonderful!

1. I had dinner at the Korean BBQ Restaurant in Ampang Waterfront with friends... 11 of us including myself, than.. Micheal's family was there too!! They're celebrating his Birthday! isn't that cool? What a coincidence that we were there! I am soo glad that we make it, and had one super feast! which, at a point of time... eating seems to be a torture!.. ) any leftover, for every 100gm, they'll make you pay rm5.. thats why we have to finish all the foods that is on the table. And I was the DBKL to clean it all up! ;p

2. I had a great Sunday.. singing and praising my Lord and my savior!.. plus I got to spent some time with His little lamb... they're soooo cute! I confuse why anyone will refuse to spent some time with them.. ;) .. I soo fall in love with this boy, Andrew, chubby little boy who is just less than 2 years old! he laugh at my funny face, he trying to converse with want to have my own, a boy, just like Andrew... ;)

3. Lunch + Minkyu Birthday at California Pizza Kitchen, in KLCC! This eating together seems no end.. we had good time, full tummy.. getting to know each other more! making fun of one another... sooo glad to see sis. Kel Lee too! May May..where we you?

4. I had another dinner feast with my cousin.. she finish her treatment, and schedule to be flying to Miri this Wednesday, noon. My sisters, my niece was invited to my place.. and we have lots of foods!. I forgot to invite Immanuel... I slept the entire afternoon after that lunch... by the time I wake up.. we're ready to eat!.. hehehe. Anyway, my sisters and cousin and niece were making fun of my snoring!! ;p and my dear Tasha woke me up... Thank you Lord for all this blessing!

Yeah... I know, my weekend consist of eating, feasting.. wow.. I feel soo blessed!

And today, if theres no rain, I'll jog with Jaekyu at KDE... maybe just one round is enough... hehehe. I know. feast+feast+feast+1 round jog=/ (not equal) to Balance! I'll do what I can... like greg says.. walk+Jog+walk+jog.. is ok-lah! I ain't training for anything like Greg did.. just wanna remain the same size, so I don't have to buy new clothes because I couldn't fit in the old ones! hehehe.. besides, 1 round is like 2+ km!? right?


May said...

Me apologise with the no-show. We'll meet some time eyh..

luckily no go or else sure eat like piggie.

TZ said...

Hey dude, wow DBKL cleaning all the food in the table... no wonder you need a jog the following day... guilty eh! :-p

Anyway, does not matter how much exercise that you do in a day... the consistency is matter :-) So keep up with you jog dude! Hope to see you in shape couples months from now. Drop me a text if you wanna a partner to jog together :-)

Musa said...

May2.. sure a cute piggie one. ;p

TZ, thanks!


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