Thursday, August 23, 2007

Its Thursday already?!

Wow... I just realize its already Thursday!!

Monday, I did jog with JaeKyu! And I find it more fun having Jogging partner than jog alone.. by the time I reach home, it was raining! Thank God I made it home. Unfortunately, Jaekyu who lives further must catch the rain, coz he 's not feeling well now. poor boy...

And on Tuesday, I join Immanuel for his Practice with Andy for the upcoming Sunday School event. He's very talented guy who keep saying "I'm tune deaf". Very talkative and cheerful guy. I got to hear a couple of very nice song to sing for Sunday School too. I hope to learn them and sing for my Lord's little Lambs.

On Wednesday... I couldn't handle the flue that I think I got from eating wasabee and seaweed, so I took MC (again)...

But that didn't stop me from watching Evan Almighty show with Immanuel and Andrew! ;p

1 comment:

TZ said...

Dude, get well soon eh!... MC again... looks like you need more exercise... :-p

I'm off for my gym rite now... :-)


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