Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mom & Dad coming to Kuala Lumpur!

"You look happy today"
Thats what my Boss says when he saw me this morning. Hemm.. Am I?
Then my senior colleague say's
"You look... different today...bright".. Hemm thats weird huh?
Probably its the new razor/shaver I bought yesterday-which have 3 blades. Or its my shirt? or my hair? I don't know.
Well, My parent are coming down for a 1 week visit! YiPEE!.. I just book their ticket online.. its confirm! I know.. in 3 months time I'll be 28! but can I just let that go and be the "suppose to be" spoiled youngest son in the family? I deserve to be spoiled, overprotected, rebellious, black sheep, ...etc boy! I demand my right! (if there is such thing)

But than again, I was thought to be what I am today, brought up in a super loving parents, sisters and brothers and sometimes, we have weird ways to show it. Don't ask me what, Brothers and sisters should be "crash-bom-bang". Thats why it call family. Am I right? or am I right? hehe.. Now, what I should plan for them? I have no idea... Maybe, a Thai massage for each at my favorite Massage parlor in Ampang Point. Then, have big bowl for lunch/dinner at the Taiwan Noodle House... then, go shopping? Well, I have nothing to worry about.. there always my sisters to plan something.

On my Cousin Jeniffer's updates, they probably be discharged to go back to my place this Thursday!! Its a good sign right? Meaning that her immune body system is back on the right track and she is strong enuf to go out! thats great ay? I thank you all for diligently praying for her. Especially to those who walks the extra mile to see her, chat with her, console her, pray for her, driving her mother around and many things that you guys did for her. Irene Lim, Loh, CK, Rachael, Joseph, TZ, Manuel.. just to name a few.. you guys are the best. I really, really appreciated what you guys did...

On other note, A reminder-Tonight Welcoming Alpha Dinner! This is a place we can meet other people (sounds like a dating-service agency; its not.. but not against it). Make new friends, and have a fun "hanging-out" with new found friends. Rest assured, we welcome all, no matter how you dress up/down, regardless of your skin colour and your age.. we always have a room for more people. And its FREE-if thats count. See you all there!!

Where: 7th Floor,Wisma Chinese Chambers, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
When: May 30, 2007 (Wednesday-TODAY!!) 7.30pm

inquiry? direction? Call Derrick 012-389 3148 [Password: Alpha]-or myself 019 2749367

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TZ said...

Hey dude, thanks for the compliment. Anyway, let me know if anything i could help in the future... :->

Hehehe... someone will have a busy weeks (before/during) as parent will be in town soon... :-)


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