Thursday, May 31, 2007

On Death bed

Last night, after our Alpha supper, a few of us decide to hangout at Great Eastern Mall for awhile. The Iranian brothers (Amir & mom, Mahmood, Sean and Bob) , Michelle and myself decide to hangout at the starbuck, after a long decision either to go for a movie or a drink. At last, we settle for a drink, since Sean and myself wouldn't be able to join them. And it won't be fair for Amir's mom as she doesn't speak English much.

What happened that week was, Mahmood was being hospitalized for having stone in his bladder and had an "operation". Sean, his house mate told us how Mahmood's sense of humor never fails him even when he was on what they called as "death bed". Despite being in so much pain, he left his house mate a will!! as if he die. And he asked Sean to sell off his laptop and have a drink on him with the money!!! Can you believe it?... we were having a really good laugh at the Starbuck! Maybe Reader Digest really meant that "Laughter is the best medicine" section which I read first whenever I get hold of it. There were lots of hilarious stories that we shared, not 'till Starkbuck close that we decide to leave. If Immanuel was there... his humor would probably matched the Iranian brothers.

I am soo glad that Mahmood kinda recovered after the jokes we have. We were sitting there just in case he cannot stand the pain and wanted to go to Gleneagles, which is right across the road where we were hanging out. Man.. what a night!


Anonymous said...

kesian si mahmood...but i adore his hillarious spirit..i told u rite, whenever he is face letih nak mampus for smiling and laughing...i wished i was there too sharing all the laughter at the starbucks! u must had great fun i can missing the moment-lah me!

Musa said...

hehehe... yeah, good for facial exercise what!.. don't worry brother.. we will hangout together soon.


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