Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lazy arse week!

Yesterday I purposely skip gym to give way for our Alpha training video. But, on the last minute it was cancel. And I ended up skipping gym for no apparent reason! but at least, I enjoy watching NCIS and Prison Break, and I watched a couple of DVD that I haven't got the time to watch. I know I should have use the time to prepare for my Sunday School, and organize my receipts and accounts statement. Its all over the place! Hope I do something about it tonight. Since I'll be skipping gym AGAIN!

A friend, Olive from church is looking for a place to rent. So,I found out for her. And make contact with the landlord. So, when I call her yesterday to inform her about the place, she wants to make an appointment with the landlord today, because she need the place end of the month.. So, I arranged the meeting on after office to talk it over and to look at the place. It is a ground floor Apartment, with 2 big bedrooms and 1 small bedroom, with 1 toilet plus shower. the layout is exactly like my place. The landlord is asking for RM600, but can negotiate. Hopefully we can negotiate to RM500 rental because it is non-furnish. It is RM50 more than what I pay for my place, but considering the less trouble of it being on ground floor. We could probably argue that being on ground floor meant, less privacy and lots of noises would probably help? And I hope we could ask for 1+1 kind of deposit too. I pray that the landlord will be generous and save our trouble to look for other alternative.

Since the place is non-furnish, My friend Olive is also looking for furnitures and a bit of house appliance like freezer, etc. that is, if she decide to move in to that place. Any suggestion are very much welcome.

So, now you see why I skipped my gym session? I know , I'm going to miss my favorite class.. but helping a friend is more important right? What a friend for anyway?

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