Monday, May 21, 2007

Kelabit Dinner

How would you react if you know this person, and saw them attending a diner function as the Honorable Guest?

Last night, I attended this PKKKL (Persatuan Keturunan Kelabit Kuala Lumpur) at the Selangor Golf Club (KGNS) somewhere in Subang on the invitation from Sophie. I was suprise to see soo many Kelabit(s?) attended the Dinner. And everyone were all dressing up for the occasion, looks pretty and lovely. On the way there, we all tried to talk (karu) kelabit as to get in the mood? We were hilarious. And being outnumber the ladies in my group, actually I was the only man in the group, their Jokes are sooo freaking hilarious! No censored-edited, regardless of my present. For example, their friend went to Petronas Petrol station's toilet to pee, but instead she Poo! and there's no toilet tissue, and she used her underwear! (one of the girl say, "don't know which hole come out?") ... you see what I mean? I was just laughing my heads off!!

Now, When they announcing the arrival of the Guest of Honor, I was like... I saw this guy somewhere before? he looks so familiar. When we look at the booklet that they've provided us, thats when I know who he is.. Gosh.. he's Mike, member of The Bridge International Church (TBIC)! yay!... he looks like just an ordinary people at church... and here he is, being the Guest of Honor for the Kelabit night. They even give him a kelabit name!.. Balan? Balan? something.. I forgot what was it. I would asked him at church on Sunday.

By the way, Idris Jala was there too.. you know the MD of MAS Airline?.. yeah, he was there, played guitar, sing a song and dance!! how cool is that? I snapy snap some pictures using my sister's camera. I'll post it up when I have it. Can't promise thou. We stayed until it last, hoping I won the lucky draw for 3D 2N stay somewhere... but it wasn't my night I guess. : (

I was hoping to meet Hannah Tan, the Kelabit mix Chinese beauty queen. instead I meet other Lun Bawang at the Dinner! hahaha... you see? we Lun Bawang are very supportive towards our minority group. Or.. was it just an excuse to find a pretty kelabit? hahaha.. We were like, where do you work now? still using the same number? when are you going back? stuff like that.

By the way.. I wear Kuyu talun (Lun Bawang traditional man's jacket?) that night, with jeans, not with the loin clothes. Wouldn't know what statement I'm trying to make if I wear it. Maybe I wear one someday.. but I think, I need a "bikini" wax on the legs before I go on public wearing it.


TZ said...

Dude, do you have picture to share? Can imagine how your wear for the dinner... :->

Musa said...

Yes, my sister take my picture. Its in her camera.. will show it once I have a copy.

Jewelle Tan said...

Wow, Idris Jala sounds very sporting, but then again I think most Borneon natives are right? For us Kadazans, all our YBs can sing and dance, in fact, its expected of them!


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