Friday, May 18, 2007

I didn't say this!

Just to make a "blogsphere" statement (as in Public Statement). The comments that posted under my name (Musa-in case you still wondering) in Kenny Sia's blog is not what I wrote. The one that I write was by the name of "distraught".. my blood practically drain from my head reading from what is written under my name!and its directed to my blog! I will never write such thing, especially in Kenny Sia's Blog.

When I wanted to clarify that, by posting another comment, its come out as from Jess!

I hope that tis post clarify the problem in Kenny Sia's Comments column.
updated: The comment column was alright.. I was looking at it the other way around, i.e commenter name on the bottom of the comment!! Silly me!..

This post of my "blogsphere statement" is show how dumb I am!! malu nye!


Kenny Sia said...

I think you got confused. The comments came out fine.

It goes like this...

[comments here]
posted by commenter.

Musa said...

thanks!.. I got confuse.. hehehe


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