Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Skipping gym (again!)

I have reason. Not merely an excuse. Its valid and acceptable reason...which is, my gym shorts and shirts are not washed!! :p

I had busy weekend you know, and I only manage to wash my white clothes.. and when I wash the colored clothes, I forgot to include my gym shorts and shirts which I soak in the basin. So, you see... I can't wear wet short and shirt to gym, and I can simply wear any shirt and short. This gym shirts and shorts must be stretchable and thin for comfortable workout. Realizing I have only 2 pairs, I went shopping yesterday! Yikes! another consumer spending!

The Silly thing is... I bought the wrong size!!! Damn! And I don't think they allow me to change for size, since I washed it yesterday. Its not that small, just kinda fit, skin fit... I thought my size is L. What a wishful thinking!.. Its my fault that I didn't try it out, coz, I hate changing. Now, I must do more workout, than I can wear it!

Today, I'm planning to go to gym! and, its the Step class that I aiming to go! for full 1 hours of jumping up-down, turn-around, shake-shake, cha-cha-cha, etc.. Thats surely going to make me sweat like crazy! and I'm going to love it! wanna join me? I'll be in the small studio at 8:00pm Menara Maxis's Fitness First. Do say hi! and I'll give you one big hug... why a hug? coz, according to Ameer, I have this huge heart. *wink*.. my heart so huge, and I want to share it with you all by hugging!


TZ said...

Hey bud, i have no comment as i skipped gym since i reached Shanghai. No gym for me for two days. Even worst is that i kept on input and no exercise... My PT will torture me once if he see me eating like nobody biz in Shanghai.

I missed the STEP class by NOR. Guess what? I'm planning to hit the gym tomorrow. Hopefully no one invite me for another dinner... :-> I will be leaving for Fitness First @ Plaza 66 Shanghai.

Jian said...

haha, tough luck on the shirt size, this kinda things happens, well now tat u have this inspiration to fit in tat skin fitting shirt! some extra motivation to hit the gym more i guess.. :)

Hmm, i always get lost in steps.. really dun have the gene for it i guess.. neeways, keep up the healthy lifestyle and u heart will be even bigger!!

Musa said...

Tz-don't worry of skipping gym and eating. You're in good shape and its your PT job to make you feels guity for enjoying life. Yes, Nor class is pretty fun like always. You know what? There was this new guy in the class yesterday, he said that I had loss weight! he saw me a regular to the class! cool huh? somebody do notice. And maybe thats motives him to try out for the class!! Wah.. can be a role model huh? or a model perhaps?

Jian-Its an inspiration alright. Just hope its won't be like "angan2 Pak Pandir" end up rotten in cupboard or a gift to my nephew. :-p
Aww.. jian, I can coach you on the step. Its so easy and fun. Don't need gene for it.. just come regularly. Sure can one.

And stay healthy lifestyle to you too! ;p


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