Monday, February 26, 2007

Dear Mr. Monday, why do you have to come?

Its another unmotivated Monday. I spent the whole morning traveling in Shah Alam today. Hate it. its hot out there.. and my back muscle start to feel painful. I do not know why its start to feel painful today, as it was only my abs muscles was painful yesterday after the Pilate class on Saturday. Its was the most extensive workout focusing on the abs and back muscles. Plus, the breath technique! Its likes we were in labor!! ... breath in thru the nose, and out thru the mouth, the whole time! I suppose to go for my Body-Pump today, but with these back pain, I think I better skip today, and pay a visit to my lovely Thai massage! Hehehe.. ;> No hangky panky.. just massage and that is just what I needed.

I had a surprise called just now from my brother Patrick. By the way.. did I every told you, of all the names among my siblings, I have the most out of place name in my family. You see, My sisters are Susan, Elizabeth, Magret etc and my brother is Patrick, and suddenly there's me... MUSA!! how weird is that? Often people asked me why my name is Musa when my siblings' name are very english, and I normally said... maybe I was adopted jokingly... Anyway, I get use to it, besides Musa in English is Moses. I am comfortable with both names.

Oh back to that call. My brother was in KLIA when he makes the called. He was on transit to Singapore and then going to Jakarta for a couple of months on job. Its good to hear that he's working and traveling again. And for myself? Still here and not moving. I need to finish my CV! been procrastinate that since last week. How terrible! Bad sign for my future employment!

..................................................... i'm sooo sleepy........................... cant sleep last night, the fireworks was going on like eternity!.. It was the Hokien Chinese Celebrating their CNY!.. and I had a very bad dream which makes me restless.. I dont want to talk about my dream.. Its horrible! Its makes me weep in my sleep (just so you know). That how horrible it was.. And when I woke up, I was feeling soo damn tired... And I was thinking of calling everyone, asking is everyone are alright... but I stop and remind myself.. It was just a bad bad dream. Have you ever had such experience?... I shared my nightmare with my senior.. and all he said was.. "you must Loves her very much"... and I know thats its true...

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