Wednesday, February 28, 2007

7th Heaven

As I arrived home late last night (as always), I found myself alone again. I was really hungry, so I straight away eat the french fries that I just bought from McD. By the way, It was 2 large French Fries!... yep there you go... My 2 1/2 hours extensive workout for the day is stuff by french fries!! I don't care.. I was really freaking hungry. When I turn the telly, guess what? Its my all time favourate tv series on the show... 7th Heaven! I know, I know. Its kinda old tv series, but I still loves it! I still remember that its the show time of this show that I'm looking forward everyday when I was young... er.. not soo long ago lah...

You see, 7th Heaven is focus on a very loving family. Its their soo much love among siblings and towards their parent easily express and shown thats really makes me love this tv series. As I compares theirs and mine... We are a lot reserves when it comes to say "I Love You" towards each others. Its like unspoken words which is shown by our actions. But 7th Heaven, as they quarrel, and talking with each others... they really are listening to each other (including the little one).. and there is gentleness in their voice when they spoke. On the opposite, my conversations with my siblings would go like;

Me: What?
Siblings: When you here?
M: Why?
S: just asking.
M: Just arrive.

Can you see? I got used to this so... Its not that bad I guess.. But sometimes I would love to have a hearts to hearts conversation with my siblings and parents like the 7th Heaven does. I know they're just acting and they read from their script. How I love to have a little brother like Simon, A big brother like Matt... a *cheerful* little sister like Ruthie.. pretty Hot sister like Mary and Lucy... and A pet called Happy!... On reality, I already have 5 big sisters and 1 younger step sister, and 1 elder brother... non of which I would say "hot" like Mary... that would be plain weird. And a little brother? I wish I have one to look for. But than again, I was nearly non-exist according to my mom. You see, after my last sister was born, my parent was planing to "tie the eag" (don't ask me whats that. Not my area) .. aka stop giving birth? but, when they went to hospital, they found out that my mom was pregnant again! yep... it was me. Well, what do you know.. I was "made" by accident .. hehehe. That would make us the 9th Heaven?

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