Friday, February 23, 2007

Look! Look!! Its Hillsong!!

Gosh, I do not know how I stumble into them, but.. THANK YOU JESUS!! I never thought Darlene Zschech, Joel Houston, Marty Sampson, Reuben Morgan would have a Hi5 account. Hillsong United is also there... I could just open their profile/page (especially Reuben's and Darlene's) and listen to their songs!! I only had have their old album, and they're playing their old and new songs in there! isn't that soo cool? Its sooooo beautiful.. its bring tears to my eyes. The music, the lyric, the vocal... ooohhhh.. I could die right now!.. pardon the expression... its just, its kinda hard to put it in words how I feels, you know.. its like.. it has a power of its own to make my body react the way it is!.. even the old songs, like "shout to the Lord" sang soo beautifully like a new songs. I got to drop by the Canaanland bookstore sometimes to buy their CDs. Darlene Zschech.. I know you're married, and Joel, Marty, Reuben... I know you're all dudes but, I love you all so much! hehehe..

Now.. being alone in the office is not soo bad. I can maximize the volume as I wish.. no one complaining. ;) Hehehe... its like they're here... and I'm singing along (quietly as not to spoiled the good songs) ... Oh oh.. there are couple of bands, like LUKAS... I never heard of before, but they're quite good too. Not bad at all. This Hi5 sure very useful tool to give us a preview of a new bands and new songs. And a good way to get connected with you favourate Artist!!!...

Do you know that Hillsong have songs in Spanish? I found from this guy, who is also a fan of Hillsong from salvador, he have these list of Hillsong on his page.. which includes songs in Spanish! ¡Eso es apenas asombroso! sí? Wow...No sabía que puedo hablar español! hehehe... I don't. I use google translator. impressive huh? Er... People from Salvador speak Spanish right?

Well guys, I trust you all will have a great weekend si? Voy al gym esta noche. ¡Seguro ser muchos de diversión! yep yep... burning these fats and torture myself till pains take over.

Roger and Out! God Bless you all

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