Monday, August 27, 2007

A blissfull weekend!

Ah.. another wonderful weekend! (seem like I said it soo often these days) Well, to balance them up, I had good day and bad day... which one to write first?

Ok..let talk about bad first. Its just me... being mean and bad to my good and patient friends. I do not know what got me or why I feel soo moody that time.. talking seems the last thing I wanted to do! I should have said "Can I call you back?" before I said something I regret.. why didn't I think of that? Maybe my head was too preoccupied thinking of controlling the rage in my head.

Such small thing like "he ya!" (sigh heavily/"mengeluh") annoyed me! It like sending a negative vibes to my ears and effected my state of feeling!.. you understand what I'm trying to say? I don't either.. ;p I used to have a dorm-mate who used to sigh heavily ALL THE TIME. And its just sending negative energy to me.. as if, the weight of the world is on his shoulder... Well, anyway I address this issue to my poor friend on the other line... "please don't say he ya again!"! which I critically listen to every word he said... so that he didn't say "he ya" in those sentences he said! man... I must be a really "challenging person" to talk with that time!!

And, information you get from this blog, and were asked again kinda bug me too.. which I ended up with "can we stay away from blog topic?".. hahaha.. man. I am seriously mental! My mood seem to show the worse side of me.. as any questioned asked which come from blog kinda bug me. my head were thinking "you read from the blog! why do you have to ask?!?". I keep myself quite as I know, blurting this out will hurt my dear friend on the other end line. Which of course, translated into "silent treatment". I let he assumed that my being silent was because I was concentrating on the movie.

For my state (emo) getting worse.. my friend suggestion to celebrate my birthday seem the last thing I want to hear. I simply said "I don't want to celebrate my birthday! I just dont!" ... I dont feel like celebrating it as I don't see the point. Well, it just a birthday... so what?.. hahaha...I am seriously MENTAL! my poor friend try to reason.. "you been celebrating your friends' birthday... why don't you want to celebrate your own?"... God I dont know? I dont feels very appreciating my current state of whatever you call this life. I still where I am 2/3 years ago.. so why celebrating? I'm such a nuthead!

so.. I end the conversation with a bitter bid of good night. I think I am the most "challenging" person to be with at that moment! I don't think I deserve such good friend... I'm an a**hole!! there I said it! I'm sorry for the vulgarity .. hard to avoid when I think I am that.

Please forgive me my dear friend...

Blissful Blissful weekend?
Oh yea... the tittle! hehehe... seems to write endlessly of the worse side of me.. Sorry!
I attended the Alpha training on Saturday Noon, which they provide lunch! YAY! Free lunch!! Thanks Derrick!! ... I was freaking full by the time we to start our praise & worship practice. Nathan was leading this time...its good to see different style and different person leading. And I couldn't stop thinking that they look more like a boy-band as there are no ladies on the Praise Team that day. I joined the practice and it was so much fun singing in harmony. Immanuel, Joel and Minkyue sang beautifully in harmony. At one point, there were 4 of us singing in harmony against one-Nathan singing in Melody! Boleh tahan lah Nathan!

After our practice, we make it to one of our friend's parent house- fashionably late! Its an opportunity to meet our friend's family members! whom were super nice and friendly. "Pa" probably wonder where in the world his daughter found a bunch of shameful monkey like us! hahaha... Immanuel was in his incredibly hilarious mood that night. He's such a joker!! I was probably turn hot and sweaty when Immanuel asked me to do the action in front of these well mannered people who we just meet in less than an hour! That would make us disqualified for any well-behave-civilized party in the future! Anyway, we've meet another bloggers too! Mark.. who played transformers when he was a boy, with his sister's dolls perhaps?! ;p

Went home with super full tummy and had jolly good time.
Our friend is soo brilliant to come up with such fun games! Its so much fun playing "Taboo", it just that, I have less creativity to give out clue for the answer! Probably a good way to make my rusty head back to work!

And On Sunday.. perhaps, you could go to my buddy Immanuel on our Super Sunday School Rally! I'm telling you.. I had really good time dancing, singing, and playing games with kids!
What a blissful weekend!

Amazing huh?
I found more Joy in church rather being "here", as in "place-shall-not-be-name" so I won't get into trouble..get it? ;p


~~whytee~~ said...

hi mu, guess u're recover from the sickness already.

I guess I know where's ur "place-shall-not-be-name", don't i?

Musa said...

Hi Whytee!!
Yes, you surely do know.. and please if anyone knows.. just dont type it down.. if you do, I'll delete your "mark" here ;p

Hey, Congratulations for graduating your MBA!! now.. is that stand for Master in Business Admin or Married But Available? ;p cheers!

Anonymous said...

played transformers with my sister's dolls???!!! hhhmm.....

Musa said...

hahaha... I remember you told me that!.. well, "disembodied" your sister's doll is also considering playing with them too you know.. *evil laugh* ;p


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