Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dear Mr. Tuesday, Please dont rain

I planning and anxiously to execute my plan to jog yesterday. And as you KL-comrades-muggle-blood knows that there was rain in the evening. Which left me no option instead buried myself in my Harry Potter next action... Each delayed days of executing my plan exposing myself in danger of the need to buy a new pants that fits my waist. All the Blissful and wonderful weekend I had resulted an extra reserved energy on my waist. Please.. let it not be rain today... I need to sweat! I need to torture myself! I need to jog! I need to get comfortable in my own old pants! I don't want to go shopping... I don't want to bump into any Dementors! Their auro probably would have kill any living part of my muggle-blood.

I wouldn't mind the little bits of rain we have this lunch time.. Its gives me a nice feeling inside..reminding me of my back home...which I like to imagine as my Hogwart! ;p Had Lunch-date with another muggle-blood prudential front-man who was presenting me how I can do a little saving and protection at the same time from Voldermort. You would never know when Voldermort would strike again he said.. Its better put extra protection with spells and shields he said. I asked to give me time to think and consult my Aldus Dumbeldor for this spell would work for me or I stick to my espetronums killer spells.

right, back to my "Look-like-busy" life as I need to finish this slave-work.. so many deadlines to meet...


TZ said...

Hey buddy... Your entry shows the Harry Porter characters. Managed to jog yesterday evening?

There is an open day in Fitness First The Curve on August 31st 2007. Wanna to hit the gym for a day. I could try to get a pass for you. BodyCombat dude?

Musa said...

Oh yeah!
Despite the rain.. I did run into the night and KDE dark jungle.. I could feels the cold night to my white bones. ... I jog, I walk, I run.. panting heavily... ignorance of what hides behind the threes.. I know I have His angels jog with me

Ryan said...

just wanted 2 pop in say hi its been a while.


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