Monday, July 09, 2007

Thank you note

Dear J.C,

Its a beautiful morning today, and I had my favorite noodle (kolo mee) for breakfast! Thanks to Layun for waking up soo early and preparing the kolo mee, just for me.. Love you so much J.C!

There are many things that you did the past week. And I want to acknowledge them as it importance for me to remind myself that You do listen.

No. 1
At last sis. Winnie is expecting! I know they've been praying and praying and its wonderful you have bless them J.C. Please take a good care of her and let everything goes well and normal for her this next 9 critical months. Being a new mother must be hard yes J.C? Hard for me to imagine, but I know you'll make it easy for her. Can you make them name their first after me? hehehe.. just kidding J.C.

No. 2
Thank you for open a door for my dear buddy Immanuel J.C! your works are soo unexpected and you really plan this nice offer to him. I pray that he'll pass his medical check-up. J.C, Thank you so much for showing me... you rewards those who are loyal. I know you'll do the same for me.. its a matter of time. right J.C? hehehe... I can't wait! if possible... I wants them now. But I know You know what best for me.. so, leave everything to you yeah?

No. 3
Jen looks absolutely fine and happy. Thank you for being with her and giving her strength to got thru the 6 cemo session J.C!.. you have been wonderful to her.. making the whole session easy for her. J.C thank you for the angels you sent from time to time.. Love you sooooo much! :)

No. 4
Thank you for giving the opportunity to do the things I love to do... I don't want to be popular standing on the stage. You know that.. and regardless of what other people might think.. As long as you know that its all for you.... I will do it. Thank you for this wonderful team J.C. They completely accepting everyone... especially me!! talent-less... but still you let me sing... love yea! love yea!

Thats all my thank you note for You right now, since I'm writing to you.. let me write a few new lines of request can? hehehe..

First on my list is my bro. Micheal. Please give him comfort over the death of his friend who recently pass away. J.C, you're the best comforter... I have no words to offer him comfort. As he sob on my shoulder yesterday J.C ... I cried with him...knowing how it is to loss someone dear to you.. I know its You who makes me walk to him.. and gives him the hug, letting him know that we care J.C. Thank you for your compassionate heart over us J.C.. love you soo much!

Well, that's what on top my head right now... Thank you for J.C for listening..


Anonymous said...

My mind was searching to know who is J.C actually. Thought he was someone else. As I read thru'out, I know it's Him. Last nite, during the prayer meeting, I did pray for you so that you will be blessed with new job, Mng Kyu for the loss of his dear friend and Mad for his search for Him and his business. Keep faithful my friend. He surely will answer you some day. I have waited for a new job for a few years already. Finally, His timing comes! And it came (at least sounded) easy and quick!

Musa said...

thank you my friend... Thank you for the prayer. ;)

s.m.t said...

Musa, like Immanuel I was wondering who JC is. ;p Well, that's it.

I will pray for you from Mt Murud. How's that? God have things in store for everyone of us and it is the matter of time where God wants to lead us somewhere.. Just focus on Him.

Btw, please pray for me too and you know whats one of the best thing i read here? For Immanuel to pass his medical check up test. Haahaha...I'm sure he's healthy freak!


Musa said...

hehehe.. sorry about the confusion. Ok people, J.C is my best-est friend. Ok? his name is Jesus Christ ;)

Thank you smt! I really really appreciate that very much. I'll do the same for you too.

Yeah, Its funny when he said he's worried about this medical check-up.. said "manalah tau" to me the other day.. hehehe. No worry bro.. you'll pass them with flying color! Right SMT?

sbanboy said...

Thanks Jesus for bringing brothers, Musa and Immanuel into my life. Your ways are higher than mine and You always give us the best.

Thanks You

Musa said...

thats very nice Bro.. thanks!

s.m.t said...

Ha ha true, true...


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