Friday, July 06, 2007

I jog! (seriously) ;p

Who ever said jogging is fun must be crazy!
But its the only thing I can do for now.. and yes TZ, I started to jog last night. So, stop asking? k? ;p TZ is have soo little faith in me... he predict 80% that I would gain weight after I stop going to Fitness First for the next 3 months. I wish he'll be more supportive... instead of his constant irritation remarks 80/20! I don't want to believe that, but, part of me somehow doubts that it is the truth. Discipline! ... and imagine the sweet moment of my victory how wrong TZ was. Thats probably keeps me going, and going.

Well... I manage to jog for 2.5km and now my legs is painful.. probably didn't do enough stretching. Damn... I miss working out in the gym classes! :(

Had lunch with Immanuel and Amir at KLCC today. Amir and myself had kebab lamb .. it was nice. feels kind of having a light lunch, for not having the usual rice or noodle for a change. And now.. i feels soo sleepy.. the walks go and back from KLCC contributed more pain on the muscle... walk so funny also... probably won't be jogging today.

So sleepy.... slept at 2am last night! ;p I watched movies (rata... something, NEXT, and VACANCY).... Only can watch them as my cousin will be release from the hospital today. And she proffered those Chinese drama (how boring!)... Sounds like I am restricted at my own home? I have to be considerate right? besides, God will ask, whom I have given sheltered.. not what kind of house I live in. *wink*

Man... I soo... sleepy!.. I'll be singing again this Sunday ;).. that is, if my voice can make it...


s.m.t said...

What a lame excuse!!! And I think I am worst, suppose to be on intensive training within this two weeks before the climb but lo and behold, I will fall flat once I arrived home after work. Exhausted!

Shall I take the hot weather as an excuse?? ;p

TZ said...

Keep up the good start! I belief in you (not coz after you said that i'm not provide you the support)...

BTW, drink more water and hydrate yourself especially after the jog... it's important to have water especially in this weather.

I'm going to off for my gym workout rite now. Catch up with you later.

Have a nice weekend dude!

Musa said...

s.m.t .. ayo, you got to be physically ready for that climb. kaput nanti.. kena angkat plak. ;p

hehhe.. at least, mine is a valid excuse ;) hot? go in the late afternoon ler... where got hot.

TZ: thanks buddy!.. ;) enjoy your gym.. man.. I'm soo jealous!

savante said...

Not bad also mah for a first start. You ran pretty far.

sbanboy said...

You can do it !

Or else I come kick ur butt together with TZ ...hehe ;)

Anonymous said...

hey bud!

So indirectly you wanna say I am crazy-lah!!!! jogging is fun. Before church yesterday, I jog at my neighbourhood park and the air is so cooling and breezy so I still like jogging u know....after that, don't forget to do some stretching and start your jogging with some small strecthing k..afraid affect the muscles..since we have doctor friend now, can ask him free medicine or not or consultancy...hehe

Musa said...

savante: thanks

sbanboy: hahaha.. thats a good motivation! thanks.. we'll jog together someday.

Immanuel: yeah, buddy, I know you love to jog. lets jog togather sometimes yea? and thanks for the tips.. I sure keep that in mind. ;)

TZ said...

Someone just moved to nice neighborhood... btw, Immanuel, you went to the nice park near your place already? The park is cool... Musa, one day we shud go there... Kiara park if i'm not mistaken... :->

Keep up the jogging work eh!... proof me wrong man, I know you could do it... :->

I'm a little lazy to go to gym tonite. Lots of nice food along gurney drive and it is near my hotel hehehe...

Musa said...

TZ.. thats a good idea.. change of scenery once in awhile yeah?

I think, I'll be last if I jog with you guys.. ;p

Johnny Ong said...

tho that klcc park is just 2 stone throws away from my office, lazy la to go over there....the issue of cleaning up and getting back to car, my bag, laptop..... ain't my excuses great but its valid


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