Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Missing my little angels

Little Gabby and Giant Me!
Being a Sunday School teacher gives the the opportunity to interact with such cute.. pretty kids which are range from 2 to 5 years of age. I know that being big size and fugly face may scared the kids away for the first time meeting me. And I would normally stay away and give them sometime to get use to be around me. Sometimes, when the kids don't feels like going for Sunday school (with the Crying and hiding behind mummy).. I have to come for a rescue.. and it gives me a great relief when the kids stop the crying and starting to get involves in the activities.

Last week, I wasn't on duty... I only got to see my little angels after Sunday service, I would go to them and say hi... a few would be a little shy and but this one girl, Gabby.. very bright girl I must say. She is probably around 2-3 years... she is sooo adult! not the shy type of little girl when being approach.. and very affectionate towards her baby brother.

When I said hi to her last Sunday, her mom say "you said you miss uncle Musa, say hello". And she said Hi... than she said this with action;

"For God so loved the world... (she put her finger together close to her chest making a heart shape) ... that he gave his one and only Son, (open both hands together in front as if showing something precious in her hand) ...that whoever believes in him (move her both hands wide into opposite direction).. shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 (show her 3 finger, than the thumb finger alone)

I was amazed! she can recite the verse very well at her age!. Man.. I sooo love this girl!! will be missing her this Sunday as I will be with the Alpha to Genting this Saturday.. :(

And of course, I'll be missing the rest of my angels.. James, Hannah, Min Min, David, Zhacary, Rafael... miss you all! :)


s.m.t said...

Musa, If i were to introduce you to some nice girl, and I use this picture, I'm sure they will fall in love right away! ;p

This is pretty cool!

Musa said...

Aw... thats a very nice thing to say. Thanks? hehehe... yeah, they sure fall in love with my Gabby.. she's the cutes little thing..

TZ said...

Buddy, i think it's time to be a dad... so get a girl friend and get marry soon :->

Musa said...

hahaha... not too soon buddy.

savante said...

OMG How adorable is that! Not surprised you find it so hard not to fall in love.

Musa said...

who me? ;p hahahaha..

yeah, she's very very adorable.

Todd Nelson said...

Hey Musa,

That little Gabby is really something, huh?! She just turned three years old recently. Nice photo, too!

Changing subject ...

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Here are my "Five Things I Dig about Jesus".

1. His intimacy with God: He spoke and acted only according to His Father's directions.
2. His friends: He hung out with sinners.
3. His grace: He never shamed anyone who had already been condemned by the religious crowd.
4. His method: He called and trained very ordinary people as leaders of His movement.
5. His wisdom: He confounded the Pharisees every time they tried to trip Him and trap Him with a question.

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