Monday, July 16, 2007

Sick but great Weekend!

My nephew Joel remind me once that, a blog is not a diary.. so, I won't write every details of what happened on my weekend.

I started having this stupid soar throat since last Friday evening, and I refuse to make this an excuse for me not going for the alpha weekend away at Awana Genting. So, I bought lots and lots of medicine. Its feel like I was on drugs as I need to take a couple of pills or sucking on that Deflame from time to time to prevent me from going down. My head was throbbing as if my hearts is pounding on them.. Whatever sounds I hear became surreal and transformed into a pressure throbbing into my head! Gosh... I can even hear the sounds of copter looking for the crash copter... hovering down so low looking for a sight of the crash copter. Man... their problem is much bigger than my soar throat.

Everyone is soo caring and so concern of my health. Those simple questions "how are you?" with the concern looks in their eyes... thats keeps me going to every session. And When I stand there, singing .. praising and worshiping him... I feel totally fine. No trobing headache, no dizzy... I feels just fine, well except for the soar throat. And Ivy.. John... thanks for the massage. Its really makes me fills lots better. The pet on my shoulder... the prayer.. Thank you guys!

When we were preparing for our group presentation, I start to feels the fever.. but I ignore it.. try and keep looking strong for the other. We were running out of idea, and suddenly Martin say "lets do it like this.." and thats when the "Royal Bridge Circus" is born. And I love my role. I don't even have to show my face!..And the best part is..I got to "pee" on people!! Isn't that great to splash someone with water?! what a brilliant idea Martin!..

Well, if you read my friend Immanuel a.k.a dalantau blog, I become the Elephant "butt", and Martin is the Elephant "head". And we were called Jumbo!.. Guess what Immanuel Character was?... Hahaha... he probably going to kill me.. Anyway, he played as a Monkey!! called Chiko!!! hahahaha... I hope that name stay with him from now on... Chiko!.. Every time we have banana, thats probably remind us of our Chiko... how cute!

I am soo proud of Immanuel as he could head the praise team brilliantly. I can see he have grown so much spiritually. He even went to ministering other members. Years back... this isn't sounds like the Immanuel that I know... but, look at him now! Isn't that wonderful? As we were ministering to our friends... I was in tears!! (I'm such an emotional person!) I was touched that these individuals voluntarily come up and ask 'pray for me'. I was in tears, because HE has showed me His miracles works, how powerful He is... witnessing such "impossible" thing. I was in tears because I was happy! It was a happy tears... you know that makes me happy didn't you J.C?

About the place.... I love it! I love it! I totally love it!.. CK has been kind enough to share a room with me as Immanuel can't sleep with my "sleeping soundly". And We got ourself a huge room.. complete with a kitchen, living room and a veranda!! how cool is that? The King siz bed... oh! makes me want to stayed there longer!.. How I wish I have an apartment like that over here.. suitable for a single man like myself... hahaha... keep on dreaming yea? Well... blame it on the "Dare to Dream" blog title! hahaha...

This is for Today.. I am on MC (medical Leave), but manage I write this post at my sister house. Will be back to work tomorrow..


TZ said...

Dude, take good care of yourself eh!... glad that you have a nice weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

sorrylah about me tak mau share room because of your 'snoring elephant' hehe....but i just being straight forward, talk clear into your face, not sembunyi2 one, and sharing room with milad is ok as he snores very gently or minimum...but anyway, tq for what u see in me developing and hope you will try some food supplement next time so that you will be more resistant to flu bla-bla-bla...listen to your big brother k!


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