Friday, July 13, 2007

Noughty Friday: Julian way eating Durian

This clip features my nephews Julian (eating durian), Jonathan (watch Korean drama with his water bottle), and Joel (the shirtless)...Remembering how good durian taste like... my nephew Julian displayed it here... hahaha!!

This is taken on Christmas last year, back home (Kpg. Pengalih, Lawas).. while waiting for more durian to fall. This is one of many thing we do to kill the time... playing poker, watching movies/tv drama on the laptop, telling stories... more like a guys talk to me... as they were arguing as who is more athletic or who the best singer!!!.. etc. Its just gives me a good laugh..

I don't know if he sees this... hope not. I treat him that I will put this clips in the YouTube!.. so here you goes my friend!..

Oh man.. look at the durian... I miss the durian... miss everything about it... I bought a good durian last week, and it cost like RM15 for one!!! and I could have eat lots and lots of that back home!!...err.. does eating durian makes you fat?


Calvin said...

durians makes you fall sick if you eat them too much. but you can avoid that by drinking water using the skin after eating durian. it's cooling. that's what i'm being told :)

but fattening? i don't think so kua.

Musa said...

yep.. we practice that every time after taking durian..

You sure its not making fat? looks soo fatty ooo...

Anonymous said...

musa it's true it will make you fat like a big drum..where do you learn that? I know it will make you have a high blood pressure if eat too much..but fat? I should have been fatter than you, you know if that true lah...

TZ said...

Durian is a high carb food... if you could not burn it. You know what will happen :-p

Immanuel, i think what you have eaten has already burnt... so you would not get fat by eating Durian... :->

I'm not a durian fan... but don't mind eating it.


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