Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Loving it!

No... I'm not talking about McD!

The wall painting.. i kinda like it. once I get started.. I wanted to go on and on. I get the satisfactions feeling when I done a pretty good job on another arm-stretch space of wall. "We" ( My 2 arm-stretch wall included).. manage to finish painted the Master Bedroom. And was about to started on the upstairs TV lounge area, it was already time for me to get ready for my Yoga review class.
You know, wall painting is like an artist... seriously. painting the wall evenly, keeping th color from out of the area... the extra pressure you put on the brush makes the paint looks a whole different on the surface. Although there are no arts on paint it into perfection... that must qualifies enough to be part of an art. right? hahaha.. I just painted an-arm-stretch of space and now I gives you a long reading about it!

There's William's room, Dining area and the stair case area need to be paint.

Hey TZ, your condo is next? ;p

at the Yoga class last night... its quite an interesting experience. The breathing in and out should have been easy. But I cannot help myself breathing in and makes my chest expand which was suppose to be the tummy! my tummy is already big enough.. but breathing in to the tummy... expanding the already expanded tummy? come on... I was having a hard time to control myself from laughing... A little chuckle sounds by Rachael is enough to trigger my lost of control!.. Imagine, Rachael trying to lift her shoulder up from that lying down position with the tip of the head touching the floor! its must be difficult to lift the weight of those.. er you know what!!... Man, I remember Rachael said to Immanuel, not to write anything about this in his blog... and here I am writing them down to share with you guys who miss the "moment". You know me... I have such a big hearts.. I love to share!

Ok, here the updates,
After our Yoga, Rachael, Michelle, Immanuel, and myself went to Sucasa for Mahmood's Iranian dishes, chaperon by our fatherly-brother Chris ;p!... and the whole time we were teasing one another. Making everyone miserable and have a good time laughing at it!.. so bad huh? Thats us.. and the most interesting part is the battle of the sexes!

Is it hard for Men to find their Mrs. right enough to settle down? as it is more easier for a girl to find their Mr. right?

As you know, our Mr. Perfectionist, find its very very hard to find a right girl (or the one that fulfill all his criteria)... So, our 2 pretty ladies here trying to convince Mr. Perfectionist to look at it at different perspective. Meaning, by looking in the mirror... self examine/evaluate whether they are up to that criteria.. which one self-made. And somehow those criteria are merely the opposite of what we are. Well, with the exception of few like, if we're super slim doesn't mean we want a super fat person... which I keep teasing Mr. Perfectionist of this fact! hahaha... and our Mr. Perfectionist, who is never gives up keep up with the debate... Poor dude. Here he is being scrutinize criticize by the ladies and the guys aren't helping!! I just having lots of fun watching him endlessly defending his stand.

On other note, I become the victim of my own game... I like to tease the laddies especially Michelle, trying to become the cupid (the evil version ;p)...matching her up with any guy in the radar/ sight-reach-view. As I became more excited of my own game... as keeping update of the hottest guy (beside myself) that pass by for Michelle!

"Michelle, 12 o'clock",
"Michelle, the guy just 'jelling' you",
"Michelle... cute guy.. 3 o'clock!" etc..

And... these sort of remarks gives the wrong impression of me!!.. its all fun and all.. but I you don't have to ask me... "Musa, you like girls right?" kinda of thing.. some more.. Immanuel keep on repeating the funny menu he saw on the list-"Homos".. a plural for Homosexual dude! ayo...hilarious betul lah!

Peace out!

by the way.. This is Mr. Perfectionist side of story!

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