Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Get my hands dirty

At home now.
Helping my niece project painting my sister's home. Its look kinda easy...ripping the wall papers down and painting them. But once you roll the brush on the wall.. you know its ain't easy.

Well, I was busy yesterday.. no time for blogging. And today, I able to get a leave. Yep.. got things to do... which I cant say it here. Hehehe.., Its not illegal or something bad. Just say, something is better left unknown to some people. TZ, keep your mouth shut! ;p

My niece had painted the TV room. Which I think, she done an excellence job. I only manage to paint an-arm-stretch space and I already give up! not so much a house painter. Anyway, I'll continue some more later.

Lots of people been calling/sms me for me absent last Sunday. Thats make realised... people do notice me! hahaha... yeah.. the big fugly man! hold a resemblance of Shrek's twin! Last Sunday, I woke up with a terrible headache. So, decide to skip Sunday service...and take more nap.. which gives me more headache. I do feels something missing when I miss church last Sunday. Anyway, Myn Gyu called, Mahmood called, Sean & Immanuel sms me... thank you guys! You guys make realised...I am dearly missed.. hahahaha.. perasan plak

A friend asked me to come for a Yoga Class tonight. Hope I can do and follow some moves not just a spectators... its seems like ages I haven't done any proper workout. The wall painting only gives me a neck pain and headache with the smells of painting... My hands and legs are dirty with paints.

I'll be singing this Sunday!... Whats excite me is that our Cheryl will lead! she called me last night, and told me that she'll be singing a couple of new songs! And we'll have a practice this Thursday instead of our normal Saturday. Oh, I need to drop by at their place today to get the CD and lyrics... Man, she is sooo prepared!. I bet Immanuel had prepared a couple of songs which he wants to bring when he leads too!! Hey Wymen, when are you going to drop by?

now... maybe I should go and give a hands to that painting job.... *repeat with me.. painting is fun.. Painting is fun... painting is fun...* ;p


TZ said...

hey dude, you owe me one lunch or dinner... agree? So i could get my mouth shut... :-p hehehe...

I salute you to get yourself hands dirty... when are you going to come over my condo... I need my condo re-paint too :->

sbanboy said...

Will drop by some day

Wah what is the big big secret ???

Musa said...

TZ, dinner.. on me.. if 'I got it'. hehehe thats a promise.

well. not soo much dirty.. only did a little bit.. credit should be given to my niece. Well, we can make it a project to paint your condo...

Sbanboy.. not a big secret.. how you been doing?


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