Monday, July 02, 2007

Abby, Paula and Aiden Farewell Dinner

Paula and Abby in our "make over" with toilet tissue games

Despite being under the weather, I attended our farewell dinner for Abby, Paula and Aiden last Friday. And we did have really good time... The foods was great! just that being not really well, I couldn't enjoy the food more. Well, I had 2 stick of fish fillet and 2 pcs fried chicken!!

Thank God it wasn't all teary as was expected. We just had a good laugh and jokes all around... being a joker myself, I couldn't help contributed a silly jokes whatever come across my big round head. Unfortunately, it cause me a little theme.. as whatever question was asked, the answer would have to be MUSA! I have no idea when this all started..even a pose for a picture.. they would say "MUSA" instead of "Cheese"! how funny is that? I know my conditions ain't getting any better, but having a great time with such great people... making me going and going and going.

Questions were asked between the 3 of them,
Like.. what is your ambition? (to Aiden) do you know what their funny answer was? To be MUSA!!..

which kids do you favor most? (to Paula).. personally, this is not a good question. I come to her rescue by quickly raise my hand!! and say.. Me! Me!

and would you come back to visit Malaysia? (to Abby).. duh! who asked this question? .. the parents are here, sister also here.. of course she's be visiting! and I quickly added that I am also here ma! hahaha... suddenly I become the center of the spotlight. Silly me.. its suppose to be Abby, Paula and Aiden night.. not me.. what can I say? I'm the Immanuel apprentice ma... blame it on him ;p


Anonymous said...

hey, since when pulak i jadi your apprentice? ni yang i nak mintak consultancy fee nih..haha!...I can still remember you were the spotlight that night!

Musa said...

You should be on spotlight one.. what did I do huh? I can't even remember.. fee? paid in full! ;p

s.m.t said...

To Immanuel & Musa :

Ehem!! *cough*

Musa said...

*looking around for a cough syrup*.. I think this syrup still ok.. *hand over the syrup to SMT*... better? *wink*

TZ said...

Musa buddy, what do you have for drinks that you could not even remember... dangerous lah!

Anyway, enjoy reading your entry today after a whole day serious meeting with my manager and her staff i.e. my peer...

Musa said...

well.. its not the drink. probably I had a short term memory problem ;p

glad you enjoyed it buddy!


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