Tuesday, July 03, 2007


As I reach home last night... I was horrified!.. there was a sign.
A sign I refuse to believe its happens to me!
No... this can't be happening to me... this is impossible!
why... why my home have been the target!

Without question, I know who responsible for this...
Its the mono estúpido!!!
*(@^@^$()^@$)I@#*¡mono estúpido!
comes mis alimentos y que ensucias mi casa?
¡cómo es ungrateful eres! ¿
No estoy bien, sabes? ¡y ahora tú aspecto yo a limpiar encima de este lío!! ¡mono estúpido!
Voy a darte el alimento del veneno si vienes otra vez!. ¡I gastado tú! ¡I que va a matarte mono estúpido!

¡mono estúpido! ¡Voy a matarte! you listen? Voy a matarte!!! yeah.. I'm going to kill you!!

ok.. enough cursing.
And TZ.. I am fine *wink* thank you for your concern. Didn't reply your sms on purpose ;p
Jian- I wasn't planing the "suspended" part... when the thought come.. it just too good to pass! hehehe

What happened was, when I came home last night.. the house was in total mess!
My cousin has been hospitalizing since last Friday.. and My house-mate-cousin is in PJ with her "new scandal a.k.a boyfriend" place. So, no one at home during the day.

The stuff that this stupid monkey have steal is the foods on my dining table. The fruits left half-eaten with the skins all over the floor. The peanuts and biscuits... and the jam! left all sticky on the table and floor!.. which left one thing to do. I got to clean them up! *snif snif*

Today, before I left to work, I make sure the windows and doors are closed. Being on the 5th floor doesn't stop these stupid monkey!


Jian said...

Musa my man wat happened!!! dun la keep us suspended uii~ ermm.. but wat ever it is, it's good to see u can type it out, at least u are okay.. right?!

Anonymous said...

wah, didn't ever expected that you are so much attracted to monkeys..hahha...be buddy to them k...lol...doing some social service to the animals are highly looked at u know!

Musa said...

I am not attracted to that mono estúpido! ain't never be a buddy to em'

probably end up in my cooking pan!

TZ said...

i thot something really serious happening... just some visitors visited your place without your letting you know...

You make a bunch of new friends then... do you still remember their name?

Musa said...

yeah.. one I named it TZ and another I named it Immanuel ... ;p

Sae Wei said...

wah seh.. hey the monkeys are CUTE!!!!!!! i like i like...

btw.. i've linked you

Musa said...

you like the monkey? ayo.. monkey you like instead of me? ;p

thanks for the link!

Martin said...

And I get upset when an ordinary fly gets into my house! :)


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