Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Unwilling Little Angels

I meant to update on how my little Sunday School last Sunday. So, we made peanut butter sandwich to share with and had load and loads of fun making it! Hannah my pretty and shy little angels was enjoying herself with peanut butter on her cheek... I'm soo proud of her!.. gosh I wish I have a daughter like her someday.

Daisy and Christina... the quick learner and qualify to be an assistant in the class!.. sometimes they're very independent that I'm afraid the other angles feels bad not being able to keep up with them. They very helpful and remember everything we learn and did in class!. Like when Christina told her parents, which I happened to be listening.. she told them everything exactly what I was teaching them, and what they did! I always know she's been listening. How I thank God for his guidance.. don't know what the kids might be talking about if I teach them silly thing. She told them about we making this church made out of our bodies. Who become what.. and somehow, her interpretation of daisy being the cross and the roof of the church is that "daisy was Jesus". I told the parent that I don't remember that part, but they assured me that the kids sometimes have their own interpretation. Cool!

For the record, we only have one boy in the class that day. His name is Emmanuel, he's 4 years old from African Countries. Pretty shy boy, but thank you for Christina, who encourages him to join them in doing the puzzle!.. how sweet right? I know.. I'm so bless and fascinated to see my angles working together and sharing. You could actually see who's the bossy one and whose the "more work less talking" type. Sometimes... they just don't want to listen, and keep doing their things, its irritates me... I try making them stop what they doing.. but its impossible! (especially my niece!) hahaha... I don't want to loose my temper at my pretty little angels.. no matter how unwilling little angels they're behaving.. I love em' all very much.

Most of my little angels are going back for the summer holiday.. I'm sure going to miss them much!...

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Anonymous said...

Emmanuel, yeah the small little kid...his name was announced one in the church, and everybody cheekily look at me like hi Immanuel, go to sunday school, little boy? I was like, oh, there's another Emmanuel/Immanuel (sound the same rite?) around? r maybe I do look like a baby boy angel..haha..keep young Immanuel..lol


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