Monday, June 04, 2007

Please Stop!

In theory, inside of me crying out "please stop" with all these ideas of my prospect wife. I thought My dad would have given up on this matter. How wrong I am yesterday, when my Dad verbally line-up all these faceless name of Somebody's daughter for me to "look at". Its seems that Dad doesn't speak the same language that I speak. He goes on and on and on about this. OH God.. this is torture! but it seems to amuse the audience in that present! I attempted every possible ways for them to drop this subject. But they keep goes on and on and on and on.. Every time they've asked me stuff... and all I said is "what?" even though I heard it the first time, just to give a hint that I don't bloody care!! I turn on and face the telly.. thats doesn't stop them at all! Oh man.. I'm sooo freaking exhausted of this as I had sleepless night, end up feeling sleepy and tired this morning.

Probably you'll asked me to chill' out, dont take it seriously. Thats what I keep telling myself, But you know what? Its doesn't help!.. I am afraid to go back this coming Christmas!. My Dad is planning for me to go to each of these faceless girls houses!!! HELP!!! this is sooo embarrassing! You don't know my Dad. No matter how hard you said NO.. he have a way to make you! to follow his way! Oh please.. Help me!!! Christmas doesn't seem to be something I'm waiting for now.. How.. oh how.

I can only imagine you having a good laugh at this entry... Winnie.. Ivy.. My invisible readers. Have mercy on me. I'm afraid I would have eventually to give in to my Dad, and suddenly you hear that I have a wife!!! Gosh.. I'm shivering in chill'


Ivy Lee said...

haha...hope you having good time with your parents!I think not only you are facing the same problem...maybe you should consider your dad suggestion!Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Wish you luck!!!!

Musa said...

I dont need luck.. I need a diversion!.. come on guys.. help me out here.

Anonymous said...

come on musa...i am 110% support your father's will..get marry soon k....even during this x'mas..don't forget to invite me...i can be your best man if you want..haha..and for sure, just let me know what wedding gift you want so i can start save for heart goes with your father buddy...good luck with your choice of girl..haha

Bxnjamin said...

Say you have a candidate of your own haha. I dunno..never been in that situation before. Cool dad though haha..if only he had a catalogue of those faceless girls....maybe you'd change your mind...Kidding!


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