Monday, June 18, 2007

My Weekend Special Weekend

What a weekend!
I couldn't ask for more! and its pouring out unexpectedly.

And I remembered something.
A prayer were answered!

I remembered, the last Alpha weekend away.. I shamelessly broke down in tears as no man should displayed on public - A realization of my little contribution to His Kingdom...

But Look at me now... I'm not complaining (or bragging), I just want to share that my prayer was answered! I know I am not gifted in that area (prayer I mean). And this makes me realize... Pray more Musa! ;)

You see, I am soo involves in my church, and I know that on Friday!
Out of the 5 Ministries that we have, I am involves in 4 of them, and the only reason that I'm not involves in one of it is because, I'm not a Women!..

I am soo thankful to Him, for finding me a great place and wonderful people to open a door of opportunity for me to do something for His Kingdom. I know its has nothing to do with luck or coincidence.. He already plan this for me. He knows my ability, He know my desire... and He showed me where I should be! And I am having soo much fun in doing it! how I just wish it is my full-time job! But my Father's know me more than I do.

And sometimes the invitation comes more than I can handle. If I have accepted them all, I'll be having my scheduled pack for the whole week;

Monday-Men's Group invitation
Tuesday-Sel Group invitation
Thursday - Gym! (my owned time)
Friday-The Single's Group [CSI]
Saturday-Praise Team
Sunday- Praise Team/Sunday School (on rotation)

I only been with TBIC in 1 year and 2 months now (and still are!), and I am soo involves! Isn't that great???!!..

To avoid myself being "crash and burn", I have properly "analyze" and make some thinking of what I want and where I am needed. So, I have decided to stay in the Alpha as I see there's a need for in physical setting-up. I would stay in the Praise team, because its my passion and I love singing! with the Saturday practice, I could sing with no audience! hehehe... If there's a choir group, I would be the first to sign up. ;p And as for Sunday School, I love to be with my little angels, so no issues of not staying, Besides, its not like I'll be teaching every Sunday. And I would go for the singles group as it would be a fortnightly basis.

I know the Men's group is a great self-development for me, just that... I couldn't afford it. There's activities that a bit costly for me. I wouldn't be comfortable for anyone to pay/sponsor me. And like my 'appointed Chancellor' Immanuel says' "just do where I can-lah". Right? I would do what I can-lah!... I need to talk to Charlie about it. I know he'll understand.

And the Sel Group, I turned them down when I first got invited. My initial reason was, I have my gym "favorite" class on Tuesday. which is the Step classes.. Oh man, I would miss my step class as I had froze my FF membership for the next 3 months and re-asses my situation Whether, my alternative jogging workout will work. But I still have 2 step class that I still can go before the freezing take effect ;p

Well, that's my view on my involvement to His Kingdom. Its truly a blessing to be able to do what I do.. and to have such supporting and encouraging people to do it with.

And on other factor that makes my weekend special is the Planetshakers Live! for the updates on that... go to Immanuel's blog. and to re-emphasize that, I had really really good time! Thanks to my buddy for making it happens! and by the way, I didn't buy anything during our "shopping" time.. I am disciplining my self remember bud? ;p And besides, I am content and I have everything I need. I don't need to buy anything just because everyone does it. Right? hehehe.. besides, I already bought a new Clark shoes from the warehouse sales. It is more than I could've ask for.


TZ said...

Dude, good choice to freeze the membership for 3 months as you may be able to test out whether you could workout without the gym @ FF, at the same time to give yourself more time to make your final decision... :->

Anyway, happy to know that you are more happier compare to two weeks ago. BTW, looking forward to see your new clark shoe and step on your new shoe... hehehe :-p

Anonymous said...

The shoe, haha..he claimed it was too heavy..probably because it cost him some good exercise i bet musa!

Musa said...

Ain't going to do step in that shoe.. its heavy for that sort of thing.


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