Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My heart cry out

A door of opportunity was open, and I never been so confidence in my life when I said "SURE!"..

But once we bow our head... I am at loss of words.
You can't imagine how I felt, how frustrated I am with myself.
But, I keep on and push on...
Depending on Him to provide me words of wisdom...
But it never come.. I search for reason... A purpose.
And I finally blurted out whatever comes to my mind...

It wasn't something I'm proud of.. but I thank Him for the opportunity He gave last night.
Words can't explain how I feel.
There is no words for something like it...
I wanted to say "stay".. Please?
But you have a mission. A purpose!
That makes you to go....
Who am I to hold you back?

And I know..
you'll be in good care.
Because I trust Him.. and He is with you all the time.


Anonymous said...

sound so deep in thought!

Antabax said...

trust is a good thing to have but dont trust anyone else more than yourself !


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