Friday, June 22, 2007

This his happy post! ;p

Yes, I know its been awhile... only one posting this week. Been a bit busy lah..

I've been working on this assignment these past few days. And yesterday, when I deliver it... the first comment was.."you guys don't know what I want". How disappointed I was... working on them for days, and it is not what the boss wanted! I should have been more proactive.. asking "is it this or would it be.." just anything to make us understand what it is... not assuming!

Anyway, that the past.. I sooo don't want to write another sad sad posting. the best part is.. I'm off to Penang tonight!! yipee... weekend on a big island. When my cousin asked me what is good in Penang?.. I said the beach lah! and the food!.. er.. thats it? I don't know what good there.. I just wanna go somewhere now. Especially when it is a "all paid" expense kinda trip!.. what a blessing to have a generous friend like TZ.

As the nuffnanger's gathering tomorrow with Kenny sia.. TZ and myself probably would drop by and say hi. I tried to registered the other day, but it was already full. Anyway, we still can go.. just no free food lah. Besides, I just chat with this girl Saewei from Christien New chat box. And she'll be at the gathering, and she asked me to come. So, I might take up her invitation. And meet pretty Saewei in person for a pack? right girlfriend?

Oh, Christien New having a party end of the month... he expecting like 200 turn up! and he invited me!! how cool is that? I mean.. he's a celebrity (actor/model/tvhost etc)...and me? nada.. I am no body!! And what would we talk about.. I know nothing about celebrity stuff.. like "oh the camera is too bright.." or.. "yeah I have too much scrip to remember".. or.." This is my best pose?"... and I never watched his movie...hahahaha.. hard to imagine that! besides, I'll be teaching on the 1st July! so, cant stay late and cant have hungover! need to prepare ma. But than, I may go.. who knows?


Anonymous said...

Have a safe journey! I maybe leading this 1st July so probably there's no 'jodoh' for us to sing together hah...sad-sad...maybe next time...

Enjoy ur time in penang too!

TZ said...

Immanuel, you missed all the fun... Our friend met his blind date "Women in Red" in Penang hehehe...

BTW, It was an enjoyable lunch in the nice restaurant Food Loft @ Gurney Plaza. I didn't go over to say hi to Kennysia, what a waste :-p... i'm shy mah! :-> Lots of bloggers in that place... Our friend has taken a shot with his wanna meet up lady-Saewai (hopefully i spell her name correctly).

Till then, wait for our friend update lah!


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