Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My 2nd last day at Fitness First

After the "sinful" indulgence weekend.. (I'm referring to the foods lah), I feel compel to get work out extra more than my regular effort.

So, I joined Nor's Hi-Low Intermediate class. It was my first time, sooo not appropriate for the first timer.. but I am soo proud of myself, that I manage to follow every step and move... its something like Body Attack with the dancing lah.. I know how my sight must be ridiculously silly doing it.. but I don't care. I was having a good time! I avoided direct contact with the spectators outside the class, for I'll get conscious of my silliness. ;p

By the time we finished, I sweat from head to tow. my vision blurry with my own sweat splattered on my glasses. I walk around the studio, and saw that the next class will be BodyStep with Mr. Teoh!.. its been awhile I didn't join BodyStep. Without hesitation, I went in with the rest of the group into the crowded class. The guy next to me says "hi, haven't seen you in awhile".. hemm.. I'm not invisible after all!.. than the Iranian girl on the far right smile to me... and I look at my back.. no one!.. err?? smile back! wave hi!.. thank god she wave back.. unless I'll be dead embarrass! oh yeah, her name is Yasmin.. just remembered! man.. I'm getting old!

I was really really tired by the end of the class... and decide to ditch the last part.. Gosh.. I sweat Like a ... cant make any comparison.. I know there are eat like a horse or pig.. how about sweating?.. must come up with one.. sweat like.... sweat like... arh.. nevermind. I went to locker room. Saw this white guy strip naked changing without shower!.. typical! And these sassy lads where taking a peek at him! hahaha... they should be in the ladies locker. ;p ain't want to have sassy lads walking with a boner!

Walk in the sauna... hem... its abnormal crowded today. Notice another white man staring at me.. and I see this malay lads staring at him... ho ho.. excuse me, ain't want to be in this triangle.. you two lads carry on. ignore me ey? Besides.. this is my last week here.. I'll be jogging around Taman TAR for the rest of 3 months. And maybe swimming at KDE Club or at Amir's or Sucasa swimming pool!.. hope thats proves how wrong Mr TZ! for his 20/80! I make him eat his 20/80.. hahaha!

Man... I legs soo tired.. going to gym again tonight!! hope my legs still can cope up for BodyCombat and Nor's step class!


TZ said...

Ladies and Gentlement, you must be wondered what is the 80/20 that Musa mentioned in his entry.

Let me give you some background. The 80/20 that i mentioned is just like the weather forecasting... 80% chance of rain etc. So for the 80/20 that i mentioned it meant 80% chance of gaining weight and 20% chance of lossing weight after stopping for 3 months exercise @ FF-Maxis. so you get what i mean? hehehe... Bud, i will be happy if i could take back the 80/20... hahaha :->

Show us the result and proof me wrong :-> Will see 3 months later.

Musa said...

ooohh... my whole body is soo shaking right now... hahaha.. I'm going to prove you! you'll be sorry!! hahaha.

Musa CAN do it! Malaysia Boleh!

TZ said...

Glad to know that you have full and high confident... just don't be like others Malaysia Boleh! confident leak... :-p

I'm more comfortable Musa can do it rather than Malaysia Boleh hehehe... ;-p

savante said...

Cool blog! Hope you continue on your fitness mission :)

Johnny Ong said...

congrats for making it till the 2nd last day hahahaha....need a lot of discipline to continue actually


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