Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend in Penang!

What good in Penang?

Thats the most repeated question this week asked by my cousin Jennifer before and after I went to Penang on the weekend. And I didn't answer the last couple of question as if... I didn't hear them. I am not the most patient person when I face this kinda of "interrogation". Probably I'll be the first to be "break" if I were in that kind of situation. I tempted to tell her.. how I spent an afternoon in a place where people went stark naked shamelessly. Well.. those people are just the same sex! hahaha... feels like I was in Japan or Korea or something.

I think, being away is what I need. Away from my "invaded" cribs.

Well, at least.. I did meet saewei at the Foodloft Nuffnang gathering. Thanks to TZ for being soo persistence for me to make contact with her! Which was the point of being there! Yeah yeah.. I know that buddy. Anyway, I trow my ego down the window, put my shameless face and walk to the girl with the red top. besides TZ threaten me to have another order!.. we had sooo much!! (chicken Lamien soup, Pizza, ais kacang). Can't take it anymore....

There were 2 girls wearing red tops that day, and I approach the one who is more approachable-lah! hahaha.. and wala! its her!! Such a great guesser! I said hi.. *no peck greeting :( *.. than, I said I'll need to go!!! hahahaha... easy in and easy out! I wish we could chat more.. but she haven't had her food. So.. being the gentlemen *ehem*.. I excuse myself with a kiss! Yes guys.. I did kiss her!.. although its not on the lips. That still count!! hehehe.. like my buddy says "its a matter of you want it or not!" right shi fu?!.

Later that day, we went for window shopping, and I end up buying underwear which is too small for myself!!.. yeah, I went to Penang, and bought myself an underwear!... for my regular brand (byford) I wear L size.. but for this new brand.. its too small for me!.. have I've grown bigger?! hahaha... now.. I have something to give away!!

In the evening.. err.. after our new experience in the hotel's jacuzzi, and sauna, We had our soo lovely classy dinner at this place called Bagan. Its soo classy, that my buddy asked me to wear something "proper".. no short lah! and we enjoyed a Jazz live band show in the same restaurant, and I had tried 10 type of cocktails (plus a nameless drink! invented by the bartender especially for me!!)..

Oh by the way, its the jacuzzi that people were stark naked!.. initially, we just wanted to try out the sauna.. but, once I saw the HUGE inviting jacuzzi, I couldn't resist not to try it!. TZ asked we go back to our room and get a swimming trunk, but I couldn't wait to get in, I persuade him to use our short instead!!!.. We were soo lucky that no one there to kick us out. But I got the surprise when I see the others doesn't wear anything!!! hahaha... Run?.. no way!.. the hot jacuzzi was really really good! me love it!

Back to the Bagan place, seriously I learn something there... who says getting drunk is fun? seriously, its not fun at all! Thanks to TZ.. I had a taste of being totally drunk and make a fool of myself. to summarize them.. according to TZ, I walk in zig zag.. and I trow out everything I drink on our toilet floor!! Poor TZ, he cleaned them up right away(thanks buddy ;p). I thought I wasn't the talkative kinda person when drunk, but I was!!! don't know what I said.. probably make a total fool of myself that night. Anyway.. I wanted to get drunk, so.. mission accomplish. And I promise myself, I will never.. never ever.. get drunk! I feels sooo sick the next day that we have to cancel our plan to jalan2 in Ipoh. I still can feel the after effect! why no one told me it'll be miserable?!!

So, thats my weekend goes! wont trade it for anything. Immanuel, TZ invited you the next trip he goes there.. which is.. in 2 weeks time. Hahaha...


Anonymous said...

Musa, musa, musa...should i tell you getting drunk is the nicest thing in the you experience it, you know better!

Pity Tz that you made him a sweeper for your wek-wek thing...

ayo,ayo...not so good lah..

anyways, welcome back.

Musa said...

I know... I have to experience it myself you know. Learn from my own mistake. hehehe..

Its good to be back.

May said...

haha... don't drink too often oo..
Anyways, when u going to Penang again? i'll be there on the 7th!!

So Whats fun in Penang? :p

Musa said...

trust me ... I don't drink often.. ;)

No plan yet. Maybe not soo soon..

Fun? foods, beaches.. I didn't go to beach thou.. don't want to get dark. ;p I think I gain weight thou.. there were lots of foods.

But the soo called Penang best Bak Ku teh didn't taste that good thou.. maybe I lost my sense because of the alcohol.. ;p

TZ said...

Anyone wanna to know what Musa talking about after he was drunk... :-> We could talk about it during dinner. Dinner on you eh!

Anyway, it was a great weekend with Musa in Penang. I got my buddy drunk and i don't even know this is his first time.

I thot someone is going for a celebrity party this coming weekend. Hey bud, i heard from one of my friends whom know Amber Chia. He told me lots of kiss kiss in the celebrity party... how true is it? You have to find out yourself then... Ciao!

Musa said...

Ohhhhhhhh NOOOOoooooo!!!!

Buddy! You didn't even tell me what nonsense I said! now you selling me off?!! arh!! I gonna strangle you man! ;p

I would never fall in "dare" games again.. lesson learn my friend.

Kiss Kiss? really? er.. should we dance? ;p

TZ said...

Immanuel, fortunately Musa still able to walk back to the room... otherwise i had no idea what i was going to do with him then. Carried him or left him behind? hehehe... Another lucky thing is that he did not throw out in my car... yuck! I got it once from my friend ... bad experience :-(

Anyway, i will have him to clean up the mess that i made for the next trip... you want to join? hahaha... Musa will need to clean up two person wek-wek thing... ;-p


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