Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Missing Nor's Class

Last night, right after we finish the step class with Nor.. I jokingly said "I'm going to miss you Nor!". And I just realize that I meant it. It was my last class with my favorite gym instructor, and I won't be attending the class for an uncertain future. Thats makes me feel sad and depressed... The one thing I look forward to every week, I have to let go... how sad.

The weird thing is... I don't know whether it was just me, people at the gym seem super friendly towards me these couple of days. As if, they know I'm leaving Fitness First and they want to make me feel bad with my decision! Why??! oh Why?! People that I've seen in the same class regularly with me and never said hi, suddenly talk to me! Gym instructor that hardly notice me.. seems to recognize me! even make a sign conversation with me! Why now?! why not before I decide?! sorry guys.. Its too late for us... there's no fate for us..(such a drama queen! ;p)

Well, it was decided... besides, I have another couple of days before end of the month!

Probably sensing my gloomy mood TZ treat me dinner at Chills in KLCC! and he would appreciate the company and he was really really hungry; He said he could probably eat the whole Sushi as his initial plan to have sushi for dinner, but unfortunately they were closed. chilli's was full when we were there, so TZ suggested that we seat at the bar. He can't wait anymore as his hunger rise.. hehehe..

When we were seated, I noticed someone vaguely familiar sitting across the bar!! right in front of me.. Mr. Will Quah!!! I said.. stay cool.. stay cool.. hahaha.. don't want to be seem noticeable I recognize him.. but when he's sitting right just your front view, I cannot help myself looking at him. God.. don't let me stare. I try to act my normal self, but thats making me more conscious of myself. How I seat, how I eat!!! how I drink.. its all seem soo wrong..soo fake! Thank God, TZ was there keeping his cool and keep my head busy thinking! I couldn't contained myself.. so I sms Immanuel! hahaha...

Well, this is me.. the crazy me!

Besides, I keep telling myself.. its Will Quah.. the commercial guy for the chewing gum.. the commercial guy for healthy drink!.. he's just the guy I see on the telly!!! oh shit.. this is not helping!.. ok ok.. Will Quah is just another person!.. besides, he have no interest talking with me.. why am I making fool of myself! hahaha sometimes.. I think I am super gila one ah! Let see how gila I'll be if I meet Christien New and the pretty wife! sure pengsan one!

Oh.. one thing I miss out.. there were 3 birthday celebration in chilli's last night! how weird is that?... And my leg survive 1 bodycombat class and nor's step class! Yehaa! well done Musa!


Will Quah said...

Next time, just say hi, yeah? :)

savante said...

And his english is fabulous!

Sam said...

He's also a news presenter too if I'm not mistaken. :P

TZ said...

Will Quah,
Musa just directly opposite you as you were sitting @ the bar. He was so shy to do that even i'm trying to play a dare game with him... hehehe... :-)

I told you... ;-p

Musa said...

Er..hi Will Quah. I totally make fool of myself here didn't I? :p

How did you stumble across my blog? er.. is this really you?

Savante: Oh yes.. I echo that.

Sam: hello sam. Yes, did saw him a couple of times being a news presenter. It was midnight edition I think. Well, he's everywhere now..

TZ: I'm not shy... I'm not a girl to be shy at meeting a guy.. I'm just not that care free person.. and simply approach a person one. know me better! and I won't fall in that "dare" game again. Lesson learn!

s.m.t said...

Wah ! Musa....

Drool... Drool....

TZ : Next time round, if you happens to go to a place loaded with hot guy like Will Quah, bring me. hahaha... BTW: You're leaving for the States again? >_< Envy you lah!


Musa said...

SMT: *run for a bucket* you are making my comment box flooded.. hehehe ;p

TZ said...

hey dude, good sign to have more comment... you shud be glad. hehehe... :->

SMT: maybe we could go out for a meal some day. see how lucky we are... hehehe...

Musa said...

TZ: just the two of you? pls take me too... I wanna drool with SMT! flooding the place with our drools.. hehehe..SMT cant do it alone.. ;p

Will Quah said...

Haha, yes, it is "really" me. I use technorati to trace all links to my blog, and it's amazing what you find. Like I said, being shy doesn't get anyone anywhere, so next time, say hi!
And thanks for the english compliments! Although, since I can't speak anything else at all (monolingual, see), it would be scary if my english was bad! ;)

Musa said...

Hi Will Quah, TZ and myself really doubt it was really Mr. Will Quah who left a comments here last night. We suspect it will be someone who play prank at me over here. hehehe or a "will Quah wannabe"..

Anyway, I did check technorati.. just to validate your statement. True enough, I can see my post in the list!.. still, who can tell right?

You speak English only? speak no Bahasa Malaysia? wow.. you really are American!

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