Friday, June 01, 2007

Meeting Mom & Dad in 30 hours

Yes! in 30 hours time! They taking the 2pm flight Tomorrow and would probably touch down around 4pm at LCCT. I bought them AirAsia Airline instead of the MAS Airlines because, they're a lot cheaper. And the senior rate for MAS Airline is only applicable when you make 1 week before the departure date. So, people, if you want to use MAS Airline, using the Senior rates, do it 1 week earlier k?... Do I sounds excited? Yes, I am... but, in the outside, I appear to be.. cool, you know be cool. Otherwise, everyone might think I'm crazy jumping around excitedly! Yay!!

I know my mom would probably bring some LunBawang delicacies, but wont put my hope too high. Don't want to get disappointed are we? hehehe typical of me. I think.. this "not expecting much" become my philosophy or principle of sort, just to avoid the disappointment. Its probably not right, but I guess it work so far. *must apply that in working environment too!!* Oh, Immanuel bought me the Sarawak famous Kolo mee last night when he return from one of his working trip from Kuching. Nyum! Nyum! Thank you soo much buddy! Kolo Mee dinner 2 days in a row yeah! I'm sooo bless. My sister's Magrit bought me a Kolo Mee the day before when she returned from her Gawai cum wedding trip on Wednesday. I didn't asked her thou.. Now, I do feels like what supposed to be youngest kid in the family to be treated!! hahaha

Hem... they being here for just a week make thinking, should I take a day or two off? spend more time with em'? what do you think? Probably I should have consider that right? Hem.. will see, will see..


TZ said...

Hey bud, i think you should take a day or two...

I'm going to drive back to KL in 1/2 hr time. It's raining outside... need to wait for the rain to stop :-(

See u in KL... :->

Musa said...

Yep, I decided to take a day off.. maybe on Friday since only taken only 1 day of my annual leave this year.

Have a safe journey buddy!

Anonymous said...

good good very good boy! take day off and serve them right. pamper them with your free times. bring them to church this sunday? haha

Johnny Ong said...

"mom's food" is always the best. there are restaurants with such names as well


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