Friday, May 18, 2007

Morning BodyAttack

Yesterday, I plan to go to gym in the morning as I would be attending the Financial Planning Class that CSI organized since 3 weeks ago after work today. And Yes, I did make it!...

Woke up at 6:ooam and after brushing my teeth, I put on my work out gear with office wear in the bag. I manage to reach at the gym around 7am!! but, they have BodyAttack this morning, so-no choice. Its better that or running on the soo boring treadmills.

Feels really tired with all the jumping and running with the other members. Edmund, the Class instructor that morning thanked me after the class for giving the energy? I don't know what he meant, probably its about me shouting together with him? as the others are still not soo in shouting mode. BoddyAttack is a very tiring cardio workout... I was sweating quite a lot too. He asked me to come again next week!! wah... am I in demand? perasan betul ler!

Once I'm ready in my office attire, I have 30 minutes to spare for breakfast and a walk to the office. I was still sweating and I was drenched in my own sweat by the time I reach the mamak restaurant to have my breakfast. Curious stare was noticeable of me being sooo healthy? hehehe... I don't care.. I was feeling good. I have my top button undo, revealing a little monkey chest hair... but I don't care! Shameless! hehehe... I'm feeling good and healthy!

This is my first time doing a work out at the gym in the early morning before work... and I think, I can do this regularly... not bad at all. Feeling goooooood.

Now.. off to lunch!

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TZ said...

Way to go dude... keep up the healthy lifestyle ... :-)

I wish to join you but i have morning meeting with my US counterpart. Never try to work out in the morning, heard that it feel different ...

Dude, keep up with the moment eh!


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