Thursday, May 17, 2007

Missing home!

After nearly 5 Months of silent, at last, my felow Lun Bawang Blogger Sandy (S.M.T) had updates her blog!.. and its an amazing post! Its about a place called Ba'kelalan. God... how I wanted to go to this place! The place is soo cold, that they can grow their own apple there! see...

and the only apple that I ever see back home is this huge green apple in the middle of Lawas Town (my hometown) as a replica of the famous Ba' kelalan apple! (picture of last year before Christmas)
And the one thing I want to do right now Jump in the super refreshing clear cold river! *snif*

and the best part is.. sit back, and relax... while listening to these sweet sounds of traditional instruments (which I have no clue how to play and what its called).
But I do know how to blow this bamboo made.. er Seruling?? what do you called that in English? but I cant play the "bas", which is played by the Man.
Now, I blame Sandy for making me home sick!.. I know its only been 5 months, but I will miss the most celebrated event besides the Christmas. "The Pesta Lun Bawang"!! this end of the month? or early June. not so sure...

For you who wants to experience all these.... go to Ba' Kelalan!! and maybe we could go together and have lots of fun!!! and play in the muddy padi field!!

Here's where you can get more information : the Borneo Jungle Safari (I love the brief background music)

disclaimer: all pictures are snippet from Sandy's Blog.


TZ said...

Dude, when are you going back to your "Kampung"? Oh wow! There are so much things to experience which i could not get it in the city of Kuala Lumpur. The mother nature, the culture, the people and the traditional music etc.

BTW, I never swim in the river before... I don't mind experience it... just curious how much different from swimming in the swimming pool? :->

Musa said...

I wish I could go back for the Pesta Lun Bawang. But don't think I'll be able to make it. SO.. that left for Christmas than.

a lot different swimming in the river and the pool... its fresh and cold.. and clean! its the water from up the mountains...

Jane said...

Lol how come u din know bakelalan got apple meh if u r from Lawas and only away from Lawas for 5 mths. I tasted the apples they r GREAT!!

Musa said...

I know Ba'kelalan got apple.. just never seen it before.. So, you're from Ba'kelalan?

By the way, my 5 months calculations is from the last visit/back. Which is during Christmas. Maybe I should make it 5 Years? hahaha... can't stay away that long from hometown..


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