Friday, June 01, 2007

I want your idea!

My lesson this week for my Sunday School little angels is "We are the church and we share with each other". You know, when I read this teacher's guide book. I am somehow learning from it. Isn't that great? Today business called it a win-win situation. But I called it, a blessing for serving Him!

Now, one of the activities that we about to do is making something (best suggestion is foods) that they themselves going to make and will share with the other classes. Do you have any idea what a 4 and 5 years old kids can make? All I'm thinking right now is peanut butter sandwich. and cut em' in 2 pieces! am not that creative on this sort of thing. But I am willing to try, and it be super fun!! And if its not working, we probably end up having peanut-butter-sandwich-fight!!! hahaha.. thats will be super fun! No no no... I'm end up cleaning it myself! what will the kids learn than? "We are the church and had a super fun peanut-butter-sandwich fight"? ain't want that to happen.

Having this semi-cooking class, makes me feels like I am the chef, as in "the naked Chef". If I got a TV show like Mr. Oliver of "the Naked Chef", I'll called mine "the silly naked chef for kids". I wonder, why they called it naked, when its actually have nothing to do with being physically naked. Now, I need your help, other than a peanut butter sandwich, what can we do?

I am a hopeless 4 years old boy.. what can I do without using a real knife and hot stuff? I don't want to get hurt or burn... I don't want my mommy and daddy to be mad at my super silly teacher Musa. Can you imagine how that cute kids face begging you for your idea? come on, it cant be that hard! If its help, imagine the Cat in Boot from the Shrek movie... says..." pretty please.."


Anonymous said...

I a m hopeless too? why don't u bring plastic knife then? just bring one and be around them for the plaster-over..haha...and ask them to feed you and you taste the food and reward the best? how that sound? haha

Musa said...

plaster-over? what is it?


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