Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Once, my 5 years old Sunday School girl asked me of what the meaning of "Faith" when we come across it. And all I can say is

"Faith is Believing, even when we cannot see them, Believing when we can't touch them. Believing even when it seem impossible." (it is very important to use simple word to make them understand, and to avoid another explanation of the word in your explanation)

I know its not the best definition of what Faith is.. but its was the best I can come up with, to tell the little girl. I hope I didn't give the wrong meaning. *must learn!*

Last Sunday, when Rachael asked me of the updates on my cousin during our long waited lunch to arrived. And she asked whether it will be good to visit her at the hospital and pray for her. This is her second time suggesting that idea. The first time was when she know about my cousin.

I told her that it be great!..
But why am I delaying? I asked myself that. Why can't I just do it right away when she offered it the first time?... being busy might be just the best excuse... why am I holding this offer from my own sick cousin? Seem like I'm the bad guy here.

But, when I keep thinking... and I come to the conclusion that it because of my subconscious for myself not wanting to be disappointed.

For some reason unknown to me, I have been disappointed in the past. And disappointment obliterate my little faith bit by bit. And that will make me distance from Him... more distance then where I am right now.

God, I have such little Faith!!

I envy those people who seem innocently have such leap of faith. Believing of the impossible. I mean... I am a realistic person. I know sh*t happens. and what make it worse is, I accept it! I didn't try, and didn't pray hard enuf? or don't have the faith that He can do anything!
But I'm not giving up to learn His way... to learn more about Him... to understand Him more.. and to know my purpose. I know (faith!!), He'll show me eventually.

Now... hem, I must do something! make a path for my Prayer Warriors to offer their prayer for my cousin. And We'll be celebrating the next Christmas back home together this year!!

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