Monday, May 14, 2007

Am I being judgmental?

Am I Judgmental?
Yesterday Class as I was assisting a co-teacher for 4&5 years old, I can't help myself observing and evaluate my co-teacher.
1st. He was the last who enter the class, as he supposed to greet the kids and welcome them. (I think)
2nd. Once he enter the class, he sits on the floor, in-front of the class, and did nothing and look clueless of what he should do with the abnormal large number of students.
3rd. The tools/games that he "planed" to used wasn't ready in place.
4th. Doing the "postmortem" before even the class finished.
5th. Only manage to do 1 simple task from the "Teacher's Guide Book".
6th. Inappropriate choice of games.
7th. Nothing of the activities that he organized tell anything of what they learn.
8th. Allowing too much time for a simple task. (can't help wonder.. )
9th. Too distracted with the noise the kids make. I mean.. they're kids, what do you aspect right?
10th. Asked the kids to do self-introduction at the near-end of the class, when I already did that while waiting for him when the class started.
These are the few observation that I make of what yesterday was like. By the way, who would dance to a prayer song?..Basically, from my observation, he didn't prepare enough.

I seriously cant help myself for making this mental note, and hopefully turn it into something that I can learn from. I am trying to be positive... but than again, reading from the list.. it doesn't sounds so positive at all... its like, I'm too critical or too judgmental. Am I?

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