Monday, April 30, 2007

Watching dude in body tight wear!

Its true.. Scheduled at 3pm tomorrow, 8 people including myself together paid RM15 each to watch this dude in tight body wear in action!! or best known as "the Spiderman" 3!! hahaha!! as if we're going to watch .. what do call that? tiger? lion show? half naked meat dancing on the fire station like pole! hahaha...

Do you see what I mean?.. its sooo tight, left nothing for the imagination! Is this a G-rated movie? by they way. Nicely shape body I must say. I can hear Winnie and Micheal says "aaayyyerr...." in my head Hahaha... winnie winnie..

Credit to Dr./Manager Loh and Dr. Immanuel for arranging this! going to watch at IMAX some more... got 3D effect or not? will see about that. This is my 1st movie, after a very long time! The last movie I watched in a Cinema was this "The Bridge to Therabitian(Spelling)" with my 6 years old nephew! I was planning to watch this movie with my friend from Indonesia-Henry.. but .. no harm watching it twice right? maybe I could irritate Henry by telling what happens next and loss all the suspense?! my bad!

Happy Holiday you all! we (Malaysian) are on holiday for the next two days!!

(Pictures snippet from Yahoo Movie!)


TZ said...

Different experience watching in IMAX with 3D. So the spiderman will be very close to you. So see only no touching eh! ... :-p

Musa said...

No 3D effect. its just huge screen with hundreds of uncomfortable seats!

Johnny Ong said...

was there on 1 may but due to unavailability of tickets for 12pm slot (due for appointment later on), bought tickets for 2 may instead. good movie indeed. i wld say that the imax theatre is actually a fire hazard area. can u imagine a fire started and ppl can only run thru the side entrance as there are no aisles in between. stampede will surely occur if there's one fire incident and with children ard, it wld catastrophic

Musa said...

thats scary!.. never thought of it that way. I'm sure I wont be going there again.its much expensive!

Glad you like the movies too.. even though it on the 2nd! hehehe..


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