Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spider-man 3

Have you guys watched the new release Spider-man 3 yet? If you haven't. Its a must watch movie! For me.. its the best among the Spider-man sequel 1 & 2!! I'm too lazy to write a review on.. and here's pictures of of our "belated" Harry Osborn.. dramatic!

will he rise in sequel 4? coz I read somewhere in an interviewed that he'll be dancing? hehehe.. I wouldn't know.. We just have to wait till 2009 than.


TZ said...

I have yet watched this movie... i bet it is a good movie as i read about lots of good review on this movie. Interested to watch again? :-)

Musa said...

sure why not?.. hehehe as long as its free. If possible, not at IMAX, the seating-chairs are very uncomfortable!

say when?


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